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  1. "The problem with the strafing was that when you slowed it down, there was jerkiness."

    Not that test, I was refering to an earlier one (much earlier), that had to have new attributes included in player class. :D

    But I am going to see what we can come up with, I am not fond of strafe wars, I think it creates a break in the style of gameplay.

  2. "Nah, not the damage spin. I personally didn't like the recoil + amount of hits it took to kill someone. It seemed to lead to circlestrafing fights 80% of the time."

    ah yes I agree, I never likes straf wars. There was a point that we has tested having the player strafe at a reduced (very reduced) speed which eliminated this issue completely. But I got the most negative reaction from testers i had ever seen. So it was removed. (I loved, and still do)

    Im not sure how the hit damage ended in the end, as I did not have time to play.

    Thanks Rocky.

  3. Just to get this clear.

    You did not like the way the recoil crept the view upward, in combination with the Damage Spin effect when you got hit. When you say combination do you mean at the same time, or just both effects in the same game?

    It would be nice if you could describe the way it erked you more, I would like to hear.

    (Did it make you nausious, frustrate you, or just not seem quite right?)

    Contact Soroc if you are interested, I for one am horrible (atm) with bodies, but do nice heads. Then again i am a coder.

  4. oesig6uu.jpg

    Today we will officially announce Obsidian Edge II: Theatre of War. It is another chosen Crysis modification which will work with a pre-SDK and receives support from Crytek. Below you can find a description of the project itself:

    "If it felt any more real, you'd bleed"

    Obsidian Edge II: "Theatre of War" (working title) is the groundbreaking sequel to Obsidian Edge being created for Crytek's up coming first person shooter Crysis. With intense realism as well as new game features never before seen in a first person shooter - it will forever change the way you think a first person shooter should be played.

    Get ready for edge-of-your-seat action - You will be required to lead assaults on enemy held positions, seek out and eliminate hostiles, perform coordinated missions, and fight for your own survival. In each case you will need to outfit your squad with the proper weapons and equipment, carefully plan your actions with your team, and then execute your plan in order to achieve the objective.

    The world of Obsidian Edge is extremely unforgiving. Be ready to test your nerves, tactics and skill against opponents who are just as determined to eliminate you as you are to eliminate them. As your skills sharpen, so do theirs. As your strategy changes, so does theirs. As your teammates rush in, so do theirs. As you put them in your crosshairs, they do the same to you.

    Are you ready for Obsidian Edge?


    The Obsidian Edge II (OE2) Mod will include many of the features first demonstrated in OE1, with additional features to intensify the gaming experience in quality, size and scope. OE2 is the next logical evolution of realistic tactical gaming, with features including:

    Features Common to all Gameplay Modes

    * Multiple classes of soldiers, each with unique weapons and abilities.

    * Weapons, kit selections and ammo load-outs are balanced and realistic.

    * A customizable weapons system will be implemented.

    * Bullet damage spin - when hit by a bullet, your aim is realistically affected by the impact.

    * Injuries affect player abilities.

    * Realistic Walk speeds and run speeds.

    * Realistic damage models and lasting effects.

    * Multiple unique vehicle types for a new game experience and more intense tactical battles.

    * Easy start up for new & casual players - get in the action fast!

    Multiplayer Gameplay

    * Maps will range from massive with vehicle support to small with no vehicles.

    * Several multiplayer game types including: Team Elimination, Protect the VIP, Team Demolition, Team Domination, and Free For All.

    * Player lives can be limited from one to infinite server-side.

    * Full Mapcycle control and other server options facilitates unattended dedicated servers.

    * Buddy / Jerk system for finding your buddys on-line and avoiding those you don't want to play with. (Tentative)

    * Integrated squad voice communications. (Tentative)

    Cooperative Gameplay

    * Cooperative multiplayer gameplay modes will be available on most of the multiplayer maps. Play against the AI with your friends.

    Other Key Features

    * Integrated Map Download Feature - Additional maps can be downloaded and automatically installed without leaving the game itself.

    * Integrated Server Control Screen - All commands can be routed to either the local machine (non-dedicated server) or to remote (dedicated) servers.


    We have already added some outstanding folks to the team that produced Obsidian Edge 1, but we are still seeking highly skilled individuals to work with us in the following roles:

    * Level designers

    * Character modeling

    * Static / Environmental modeling

    * Texture artists

    * Animators

    We are a mature group looking for mature individuals that work well in a team setting, and have experience in the role that they are applying for. Be prepared to share examples of your work, as well as the amount of time you are willing/able to commit. Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Crytek is required for these positions.

    Visit us at http://www.ObsidianEdge.net and if you are interested in working with us, email oe_soroc@comcast.net to discuss the opportunities further.

    Keep your eyes open for more detailed information on the unique gameplay features that will drive forward your gaming experience.


  5. I hate to offer an answer to a question that is not asked towards me but i cant resist.

    "As a developer, do you ever lose the abillity to be a true gamer, with all the ideas going around and testing and retesting, dont you just lose the plot."

    No but I enjoy them differently. I still love playing a game, but I have a difficult time letting go of the analitical aspenct when playing. For example, I have played quite a bit of Burnout3 and 4 with my cousin. I have a tendancy (and he can tell, I start losing) to start observing the techniques that are used. Like the mild camera shake that makes the player think there is more "action/motion" going on than there really is. Then when I have a chance to stop moving I watch the rythem and frequency of the camera movement, and imagine how varying that would effect the feel. Then I notch it into my brain as an immersion technique that could be used in a heavy firefight. I literally run code through my head and visualize how I would accomplish the same feeling.

    My view of games has altered from OMG thats so cool I wish I could do that to; How do I make this entertainment product appeal to X market, how do I make gamers say OMG that is so cool I...? (And many others views)

    I even think this way about a Mod, for the next installment of OE I sat down and thought about who is my competition, what will be the focus of the game, ect?

    So its all still a lot of fun, and I still take time to be a gamer (dispite the fact my classmates and professors make fun of the fact I play games the least of every one) it just fun with creativity.

  6. Hey guys,

    I originally purchased a CRT so I could do my graphics work on my desktop, but now I am using my laptop as my primary station.

    I know LCD's still are not great for graphics work, but its what I have to work with. So do any of you guys have any good advice gor calibrating a laptop LCD monitor. I have searched around but have hade less that satisfactory results. I am hoping to get a good adjustment down with out resorting to my Munsell chart.

  7. "I would be interested to know how you make the decision, put something into a game or leave it out, no matter how important it might be either way."

    I will speak from a MOD and student perspective, assuming much of the ground work is done. I will also focus on the inclusion exclusion of only one idea.

    Is it fun or functional?

    (I will assume fun)


    Does it add to the game?

    How long is it fun for? (meaning is it novelty or long term)

    Does it break/conflict other features?

    Do any features need to be removed if this is included? (Break or replace them)

    How much resources are needed to implament this feature?

    Have any other games done something similar?

    Does it fit into the theme of the game? (GRAW meets Drum input device...)

    Would it be a core gameplay mechanism?

    Can the target system do it?

    If not can I fake it?

    Does it serve a purpose?

    Will it appeal to the target market?

    How would it work?

    What would it influence? (balance wise)


    Lots and lots of questions, and research. This idea gets run by other people. Often the idea will fail and stay in the no go list. The ones that make it further often tend to change and evolve. At any point it could be decided that the level of resources to produce the feature out-wieght the reward and it gets axed. The ones that do survive go on a priority list. When time runs out features that are not complete and debugged and all in the list untouched get set aside to complete the project. If a priority feature (for example a core gameplay element) takes more resources than expected these resources are pulled from the bottom of the list up.

    In the last thing I worked on (not a mod), it was amayzing to see a hard push for certain features (bloat) that would be fun but where not capable with in the time/tech limits. This cost heavily other features. In the end some did not make it in. (I cant stand feature bloat).

  8. "Hope there was no cool endgame video because I never got to see it."

    I did not so much mind that fist part, it was the pure (eh, just through in lost of profanity) after that.

    Um I would not call the end game video cool, but it was a video.

  9. Thanks for the info CR6, I will try some of that when the game comes out. As many of those I was not aware of.

    Any one else kind of feel excited about this game? Normally I am ooed and ahed by graphics, but this one just feels to have some form of antisipation about the gameplay.

  10. "wow, only one person got it."

    Its good to encourage good things....

    Im just glad I enjoyed the demo though. I liked the HUD and UI very nice. I really liked the ease of movment in the level, but I kinda miss some of the old moves. Then again I dont miss falling off a cliff all the time.

  11. "I'm responsible for all sound effects - and I must say it saddens me that almost no one seems to care for the sound. Isn't the sound half the experience? Doesn't the sound have the power to make or break your view of an entire game? Nooo, let's discuss gfx cards and detail settings! Yeah, let's do that! And let's just talk about the expectations regarding the game's visuals only, yeah that's interesting. Really, yeah. 'Cause that's the only area where things can be next-gen, yeah. Oh yeah.

    Oh, did I ruin your gfx praise party with my... slight bitterness?"

    Thats just great.

    I normally play games with sound off these days. (long story) But when I do turn on the sound, it is very noticable that it is half the experience. beside sound guys dont normally pooch up so hard like graphic guys do... :whistle:

  12. "So what does this do to things? unsure.gif"

    ok so here goes a repeat, doh.

    It does nothing, possibly adding the Cryteks resources for the current project.

    I will be honest though, I was shocked. I thought Ubi already aquired full rights.

  13. Hey nice screenies, and prozac love the sig. This is the first time I have seen you using that one. (Im still pimping Orange).

    Im looking forward to new media on this one. It like a window, im just hoping my system will render at least close to this.

  14. Cevat said in an Interview that they are working soley on PC at the moment, but they are developing the CryEngine2 to support Xbox360,PS3, and PC.

    PC and 360 are "similar" codebase. PS3 is developed seperatly with seperate code base.

    I am sure if it is succesful we will se a version on consoles.

    Anyone here gonna be at E3?

  15. "Tech demos are great, but let's see how it plays."

    Definatly, I may be over excited about the graphics and physics, but I want them to come through on the gameplay aspect. Chances are My machine wont give me those graphics (Close but no cigar), so gameplay is important. Cant wait to see what the do for Multiplayer. (Not that I have time to play anymore).

    I had posted int the Crymod forums how i really didnt expect graphics to move this far forward already. I figured we had about 2 more years before this stuff. I am interested is seeing it up close some day.

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