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  1. collision wall glitches. just plain annoying. even though is may be nice to have a high poly or low poly map model for those fancy frame rate boosts. its side effects when collision walls dont match up are just annoying.

    no cruddy dead drops like in rvs if your going to use them use them right and dont cut the wrong corners and made tacos out of corpses, skelitons have joint limitations and max has them to, use them. and of coarse less fog. i looked out side the other day and low and behold i could see more than a hundred feet, and i live in the good old "thick" air of L.A.

    that about all i could think of.

  2. thanks guys i appriciate the help, well i guess ill have to see if other ppls comps see the error in the script the same way. if not ill have to live with it, but if they do, hhmmm what could i do with a 4 wheeled armored zodiak......

    maybe the cup is half full

  3. ok i have a little problem :wall: but first i have to explain just a little

    at first when i added a zodiak in a script it showed up as a humvee with out doors or wheels. i have not altered any played with any vcl files. when i play other ppls missions there zodiak and humvees show up fine, but if i script the exact same thing i get this error. so some advise came down and it came down to a total reinstall ( and uninstall ). and the result was great it worked. but now the evil head of murphy has been reared :devil: .

    in the same mission ( as well as others for test purposes ) my humvee now shows up as a zodiak with a front window wheels and doors. an funky thing i have seen before in a vehicle test long ago ( but it came as it went )

    now this is just annoying me. and has been for a bit.

    can any one help. has anyone seen this before, any ideas, even random stuff that may some how be linked. once again if its other ppls script they both show up fine. so i know its me but what the monkeys uncle is it.

    tech info.

    i have original gr, with it and ds from the gold pack.

    in order of intsall : gr, it pack , then reinstall or it and ds from gold pack ( darn u rse ( in reference to gold pack) )

    it has 1.4 update and every thing is happy till i get to scripting.

    thank you in advance to anyone who can help.


  4. i played with the animations, and got him to bring binocs to his face but only for a sec. the animation file is ghost recon/motion 1022_tpe_binoc_use_base.bmf

    this is the animation for the prone position, but i saw and did one for croutched and standing, but didnt save those settings. this is only the animation still having a hard time getting him to use only the binocs and not his gun. but im playing.

    i hope this can help, if not it was still fun searching the anims


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