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  1. geez you guys must hate spiders, i just cup them up with my hand and put them out side. i did get stung on my eyelid once by a bee ( i used to raise bees, but mine didnt sting me in the eye) luckely the stings over the years built up a good imunity to the sting so now i just wipe off the stinger and go on. which is good because i stepped on a bee on monday and got stung in the soft spot on my foot. it hurt for about 15 to 20 min and then went away.
  2. last i checked last night coleman had 213 at 19% tally i voted all the stuff i voted for won nobody really payed much attention to the other ppl it was just arnold vs bustemonte(self edit) arnold is very good at politics and is a true compasionet conservative. he seems to understand the sosial issues that ppl want, but also nows how to do stuff on a budget. yeah cali is a unique(self edit)state but more and more uf us are getting more fed up day by day with the local government.(self edit) with " the reality of life " rearing its head only the die hards(self edit) are staying on the previous track. im very happy with what happened yesterday. (p.s. hope the edits lightened it up a bit)
  3. my back ground came from a gorgious photo i took while in tennassee, the sky was originaly purple, some blue and orange clouds. ive been working on the graphics for the new nso site and that is the banner background, i wanted a tie in with the guys with the background i wanted a forest feel but the pic had to much color so i warped it ran it through some filters touched it up. it wans't supposted to look like that but when i saw it i was hooked. i added a solder that was clearing a cave in afganistan during the war for the american/military theme.( oh and some good old pround of our boys thing) the helo is a random tie in to the nso banner with a diff look. the reason behind the sig was a name change after being constantly called smores due to my love of camping.
  4. 3.9 to 4/5 i like the solid nature of it and not to many colors used looks like a clean prof. graphic with a small file size so we dont have to wait a month to see it. very structered and to the point. the lettering has great contrast and is easy one the eyes. im a bit of a fan on the "not to colorful side" artisticly they may seem great but the "skiddles" color schemes drive me nuts and make me want to punch the screen. p.s. i love recons style complimenting colors, and a dream like feel, very modern with an arora feel
  5. you can use a text editor to do scripts, since im a little new with igor and not too confident of my changes, i write one asspect or block, save ( not save as ) run the mission and then come back and fix or move forward
  6. anthrax please refer to my respons on srs forum. as far as the crashing on the char. go. the game program doesnt recognize some of them. and if the first error handler cant solve it it goes to the next. shut down, otherwise you run the risk of freezing up the cpu and all players would have to cold boot the comps. be glad it just shuts down gr, could you image 30 or so guys having to reboot there comp just because some guy wanted to have a cool looking name that i personally cant even read because they mangle them so badly. maybe in gr2 they will offer support for those chars since so many ppl seem to use them.
  7. ive seen this prob with the alphas before, and i use and suggest to ppl to use a free editor called satori, it very very powerfull. it used to do effects for movies and animations. but there are many versions one of which is free. after i work on something i save it to a alpha channel suporting format then convert it useing a program called...crud dont remember, but its 30 bucks or so and for some odd reason it just so happens to convert to rsb file format with alpha intact. i know a lot of guys dont like converters but this one works really well. ill write down the info from my home pc and post it tommorow. currently satori is unavailable for download while they get the next version up and running. and if you use it you will love it. satroi can use photoshop plugins and can even be used as a plugin itself in photo shop. and imo it is much easier to use and still as powerfull as photoshop, not to mention a free version, and the pay version is much cheaper than photo shop. and the converter is a great graphics prog in and of itself.
  8. same prob happened top me some time back. it seemed that you couldn't load a zodiak and humvee in the same script. which ever one loads first is the set, the next is all oddball. got some great picks a a floating humvee driving around the water like a speed boat.
  9. ok, basicly what i am trying to do is simulate a player actor "changing" his cloths. so in the mission the player will go into a room with a gun and camies and come out with out a weapon lookin like the bad guys. ( its not just to get a team mate shoot it has a more fun purpose )
  10. uh unless your working on some new textures i think your missing some rsb files.if your missing some files you can reinstall gr ive had this happen myself. im still stuck with a black door on docks. some times the install is bad ps how did you get those doors to open? ive never seen that
  11. so i got a question, is it possable to spawn, or swap some how the atr your character is using, like step into a zone and " poof" you a girl... i mean in a tangos atr?
  12. hey lingus hacent heard from you in a while. well racial profiling to my knowlodge is a term dubbed by the media the reality behind those terms is statistics, and i see nothing wrong with using statistical data to help guild a search. we have to remember when we use terms like that, that it is not just an outworly look at other races. an example is that if you are a serial killer( wyho is a canable) you are most likly white, middle aged, had probs with your mom ( never figured that one out ) and have a severe social dissorder. not to mention you are quite, keep to yourself and you are a "good naibor". these issues and wars between belief structors "and land rights based wars" have been going on since we "rubbed" 2 sticks together. it is an aspect of humanity that we may not like of fully understand. but has gulided our servival for thousands of years. the 70's was not the begining and the year 3000 will not be the end. the important thing at least for me is to remember is to save as many lives as possable. we will never save all lives but some we can. when i am an old man and this battle is over another one will come it is our nature. many americans had a blind era that hopefully has ended and i hope we will not have a blind era toward predictable human behaviour for quite some time
  13. lol croc pll are gonna start thinkging the NSO guys are slow at there work im not saying im not slow, but i could probly get stuff done quicker if id stop jumpin around
  14. yeah external lighting will make it look a little funny cause youll notice the flickering. i cant say enough how much i love these things. can we say doom 3 ( can i mention another game in the gr forum hhhm ) unfortunatly i had an lcd as well but i got a new one so i could use these babies i love the replays btw. for convergience i just started at the bottom and slowly increased it untill it was 3d took it a touch further till i looked bad then brought it back down a couple notches lower that the best 3d "look"
  15. got a question how do you create/use dissplacement maps in terragen, i use it but dont think i ever used that feature, ive attempted to export maps and ive gotten them into 3dsx before but it just takes to much to cut down the polys. thanks
  16. gatta love terragen, and thank you i have now learned of another great use.
  17. p.s. i changed my hot keys to key on the num pad ( on the right ) 1 for turning it on/off 3 for something cant remember and 4 and 6 for increasing/ decreasing effect, my gr keys dont use these and its a quick reach from the mouse
  18. double edges? do you mean that faint shadowing affect ( screen latency) i have that a little but i almost dont notice it any more, for the reticles i just aim dead center of the 2and it works for me. i have to say i hope you guys get this working it really brings up the realizm factor. it great fo single player i had to play with the hrz a little( 100 was just right ), as for the flickering do you by chance have any lights on behind the computer?
  19. well i just have to say i got mine in ( with a shiney new monitor to boot ) its a bit tricky to set up and i found i shouldnt play with the settings to much. it was a very annoying freeze up. and other that frame rame, and nv looking more like nv i love these thing.( please fire a rocket i just love doing that ) it dont have a prob with aiming like some of the guys did, for me it was just like pistol shooting, or riot trap, and even long range i guess ( i keep both eyes open when aiming so i get a magnifies image over the "general" picture. with the sites just aim right in the middle of them, or with at least the m24 in my case you can close your right eye for long range just before firing. i get just a touch of flicker but i stop niticing after about a sec or two. i really hopre you guys with probs with them get them working soon i love them. the only negative is.....? i know ill find one uummm ah frame rate drop. and in mp it was easier with every thing in focus at once but i must say this game just got better for me im lovin it p.s. i forgot the out of range error when i forget to hit the hot key is annoying, but all still worth it
  20. i wont be the first but i have already been working on a mod that will be released for ghost recon 2, not because that was the original plan but because its a lot of work and i simply expect it to take that long. but ill still have to wait after its released for the "tools" i just hope it wont be too radicle of an engine so i would have to start over. so anybody else with plans for there first gr2 mod? if i get it done before ill just release it before if after then after
  21. yeah in my attempst to do this i just got wasted, but since its happened again? maybe ill play some more. i really like the just walked out with the hostages? i wonder if there have to be hostages in script for this to work?
  22. i really wouldnt see the harm in dabling so long as it a mod and not a "cheat" there are lots of things modders do to improve this game for the community that might not be in rse's plans, but so long as we arent distibuting there engine or doing a negative, hack. id like to hear more. a lot off ppl have been wanting to do a ir vision mod ( red nv ) but from what we know its hard wired, this may open up a good oppertunity for those with the talent to add to our game. then again you never know what gets ppls panties in a bunch. i guess the trick would be to not make it permanent, but is mod activated, and not by an external exe.
  23. i have only used 3dsm in xp never knew it had a problem
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