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  1. as far as emails go, the worst for me ever was some very decieving span at work, maybe some of you have got this one as well. from so and so (if its not obvious i have to check) there have been some changes. lets just say it was diturbing pictures of uh a chick...with a ... quick hit delete noooooooooooooo it loaded
  2. Suli


    where is pepsi, or better vanilla pepsi.
  3. this little error drives me nuts, and i personally cant stand it when ppl use it. i just go with the map the server gave me and thats good enough for me. i sort of view it the same as ppl who use a glitch in the game. to very respectful of the other folks on the server with you.
  4. im still waiting for that mod myself. my theme is aimed a little more at the psychological. of coarse if i dont like it ill trash it like the others. disruption its a style prelude
  5. well i trashed some of the stuff i was working on and moved back to an old project. basicly im a bit of a horror fan and that the direction i was planning on going in. i used to write a little and needless to say the where fairly dark. and so my question to you is what would be considered tastless or just going to far in a horror themed mod? and what would be acceptable? (im already assuming "adult material" would be out of the question.) thank you.
  6. wow croc i havent seen those in some time i know this isnt a vote thing but i still want to put in a vote for no. 3 the only thing that could have made that one better is... her hand on her neck maybe a discarded sig thread would be nice. hhhhmm.
  7. lol down the street we have a sushi bar named Futami, it Italian for uh... the same thing
  8. "iv been thinking" shudder
  9. i would have to say a good mod is like a good story. something new and inovative, fresh or has a good twist. and of coarse quality work. for me it doesnt have to be outragiously difficult but something that is entertaining and enjoyable. for me a mod is something i sit at home and enjoy. spend some hours playing and thank the modder for puttin' in a hundred.
  10. ah man i like that one better than mine oh well, im gonna have to eamail them to ya, my storage space will be down for a bit.
  11. sniping is my personal fave ( hence smores ) i only use sniper when i have good cover on the field preferable lots of bushes. i try to keep my eye on the map to make shure at least a few of my guys are behind me. most of the time i use a partial cover from the front and peak or look through a bush. i scoot to use the bush as full cover then get to crouch and to a 360 to view my surroundings. then resume. the one thing that has worked best for me is to know who my team mates are and how good they are and keep them on my flanks to stop ppl. if any of them get shot i search for the culprit or move to a more secure place always checking my week sides.
  12. doh i forgot about this, gonna have to remember when i get home tonight
  13. man this grew fast The Wailing Wall......sacred
  14. new perfect circle, and mudvayne end of all things, i have house of a thousand corpses sound track on the comp at the moment
  15. Suli


    that was just to fun for us off kilter guys. i would have liked to hear an echo and fade with the crying though
  16. ive had a lot of fun with those never played a game though. but my budy and i had a good time hunting each other in the mountans. it was like being a kid again
  17. it not the light issue its kinda odd, it will flicker maybe once or twice every few seconds, the screen is doing the right thing but its like the glasses just dont want to move to the beat. i wander if it has something to do with me not saving the settings right? hhmmm
  18. rocky had a question for you. at times for a reason i do not know my glasses will just give an occasional flicker. sometimes this happens if i reboot, and sometimes randomly. the only thing ive figured to do about it that works is just to go back to 3d setting and save the htz at resolution, it shows the same setting but i click anyway. have you any advise on how to stop this?
  19. see how fast i can light a last smoke before im liquid, thats if i can still see
  20. ill have to get it to you next week my im offline at home and that where i got it. but once im up ill send it to you
  21. i think thats what i saw in the video store had no idea it was tv series. a video of the simpsons i can understand but that.... thanks major i stand corrected
  22. ok so i took a crack at it and i think ill do a little more but other than cleaning it up a bit.... personally i just really like the original photo very nice work, make me hesitant to do to much
  23. lol, you guys car reg is going to be lowered. im really hoping gun control gets corrected. ( unfortunatly the last law to be removed from the books took about 180 years) and for the power that was all...bite my tounge...well we actually had a 2billion in surplus electricity but they didnt report that around here i had to go to another state to find that one out, the crissis wasnt actually a crisis and a lot of criminal investigations came out of it. but non the less it would be nice to our friendly naibors if we did use a little more wisely. p.s. you can rent total recon 2 already it was really bad
  24. sounds like fun, by chance is that a short colt, 45 or 380? reminds me a 5/6 round stub 45. but its a good looken photo p.s. whats you desk top resolution?
  25. sorry that got out of me ill edit it out
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