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  1. lol nice thing to see during a days work. well i guess id like to through in my penny's worth. enjoy the south, its a wonderfull culture. think of the us as a whole bunch of small countries that are next to each other and formed a union. im from tennessee and have lived in cali most of my life. your new friends and family in the south will be good to you, just let every one warm up to you and it all falls in place. you could be living in cali where $20.00 could get you turned on i guess the very short version of the paragraphs of thought running through my head would be your a lucky guy, youv got yourself a nice southern girl and a forest. the south only seems poor to use "folk" who thing money is wealth, when to some ppl its your naibors friends and a good laugh.(ahem and a little "shine" in the pot)
  2. wel its a good idea to check the dedi servers and play on them for a while get to know some guys and see who you fit in with. some clans are die hard and some lax. it really is good to get to know them first no point in jumping from clan to clan because you but heads good luck
  3. Suli


    jeez panther where do you live?
  4. btw white oak how do i find the leaderboard for it i want to see how i ranked hint they slow down at a constant rate and there is a slight delay in the sticks its like gr with a little lag
  5. 3 the first try and since your not gonna belive me on the second one i sent in the score under nso smores 223 beat that
  6. fanally a game where playing months of ping pong while "visiting" your friends in the instatution pays off.
  7. Suli

    Bargain deal

    rainbow 6 with addon is a whopping 9.99 at my local store
  8. lol oh that would be all messed up. its a great fiber and as far as tensil strength goes its the best natural fiber around. but you guys will love some of the synthetics there woking on. the main one that i know of has an even higher tensil strength that spider. there want to use it for safety harnesses. but anyway love the uni's they look very sporty.
  9. nice looking suit. the rail guns you mention are now down to only 6 or so feet long, and the pulse generator is only a few tons ( thats actually pretty small ) they are working on new versions but this rail gun thing is still expera. and is a long ways off. the spider web vests are being researched but the extraction method ( by hand ) is a bit crude however they have developed a new fiber that is very similer which may work its way into vests. the camillion suit is theoretical. but the real cool thing is some of the new faberics are low ir reflective. so even if our enamy got ahold of really advanced night vision they still could only see us a few yards away.
  10. good news is in 2 years we can afford this stuff
  11. as a word of caution remember that when you host a site from your comp you open it up to attacks so i hope this will be on a seperate comp than you use.
  12. all i can say is im gonna be playin this one a bit. this one looks way to awsome
  13. you know on my drive home i thought of something. you could use multiple sounds to simulate the different surroundings. have one be the base ( the gunshot and no after effect ) and then depending on the location have a secondary wav play with that could give that drawn out sound at the base of a hill, or a diffused sound in the trees. just a thought considering the way sound work if done carfully you could really change the sound with the over lay. it shure would increase memory size though. hhhhm get kit actor fired play wav hhhmmm get zone?ok know im just rambling.
  14. well to through my bit in the mix, before we will here the same sounds we hear out in the range or the bush we must have a minimum of a 64bit cpu. our ears can tell the slightest difference in sound whether we respond to it or not, and that level of detail is not available in a 32 bit system its just not accurate enough. and the way the environment effects the sound would be just as the fellow said as intensive as 3d graffics. but could you image how poor the quality would be at the "resolution" our cpu's can produce. but one day it will come
  15. Suli

    postal 2

    yeah i heard about the not killing ppl thing but thats like playing gta3 without beating the cash out of an old lady it just reminds me a whole lot of redneck rampage couldnt find it in the stores so i had to order it
  16. Suli


    leo favorite drink = scotch ( only good scotch ) current drinking habbit = sober ( but still love the smell )
  17. Suli

    postal 2

    i just d/l'ed the postal 2 demo and i have to say im gonna have to go get it. for those of you who have never heard of it postal was a twisted game in which you went we.. postal. the game is not the gratest thing since sliced breed but the fun factor is way up there. severed head golf anyone? well i just had to say something i didnt hear when it came out but its here. lets not forget you arch enamy gary colman. go to there web site and check out the trailers of the real gary coleman doing motion capture for them. d/l the demo and get ticked of about the time limit like i did. but im still gonna have to buy this one for stress relief
  18. my brother and law and i help care for my fathers 1936 olds sedan ( 11 known to exsist ) a one off 1933 pierce arrow limo made for Dr. Sears. and he just bought ( it will have to be givin a ground up ) the last pirce arrow made.
  19. they have one of these down at the mexico/california border for big rigs. the trucks just drive in. well just think if these go into airports. if you hear giggling from behind the monitor you know its true
  20. Suli

    What the....?

    ive seen those before, but didnt think they still used the concept. so if it looks like what i think it looks like it an old style grenade launcher. basicly a grenade with fins ans a hollow tube at the bottom. and you load a blank round in the chamber, shot gun on what i saw but this looks diff. pull the trigger and instant grenade.
  21. would you rather this be like hl2 and still waiting, or they anounce it and boom there it is. p.s. as for those links mentioned up in the first few posts. where are they. 95% its just a matter of time tweak the engine give it a few new goddies to awe at and slam our money on the table
  22. nice your in los angeles. for those of you who have never gone to a lan cafe as i had never gone till recently it a whole lot of fun, get your buds together and go kill each other with out goin to jail. be warned now, you may tell your lady "ill be home by ten", but by the time you check your watch its already 3 p.s. not to mention theres food drinks and anything you can think of.
  23. cali=normal you must live up north couse its wierd down here
  24. i normally will allow my self 2 spawn kills if i dont know where the spawn is at my the second one its a definate and i just turn tail and leave. i normally get shot but that ok it will happen anyway. if i know where the spawn is i try to stay a little ways away so they can have a chance to run around and take cover. i prefere a game with no spawns but where i play they have them so i came up with my personal rule so the gulit of "robbing the cradle" wouldnt get to me.
  25. on that i did that helps a bit is the map key ( m ) i swapped it with shift so i can run and view map at the same time.
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