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  1. oh all the cd's that could fail

    why why that one :D

    try maually going in to see if it is readable and not just an auto play error.

    if not download a good currupt data extraction tool for cds there are a lot out there and some good free ones. ( if you cant find one ill post links to what i have when i get home )

    it the cd scratched near the inside?

    and is the back damaged at all?

  2. html kit


    its a very good and free editor

    a clicp from the site:

    HTML-Kit is a full-featured, highly customizable development environment that can be used to create, edit, validate, preview and publish web pages and scripts.

    Despite its name and the light download size, HTML-Kit is a multi-purpose tool that has support for several scripting and programming languages.

    Over 300 optional plugins are available for extending and customizing HTML-Kit to fit the way you work. Categories include ASP, ColdFusion, C#, iHTML, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL and more.

    Newcomers to web page design can benefit from letting it point out errors and provide suggestions on how to create standards-compliant pages. Experienced developers can save time spent on common tasks using the extensible integrated development environment while maintaining full control over the code.

    HTML-Kit's functionality, including the management of code snippets and frequently used commands, can be streamlined using the Plugins Generator's visual interface. 5 step tutorial (translations: French, German and Spanish).

  3. most of you have probly heard but i thought what bush did for the troops in iroq was ....well i dont have words to describe it.

    for those that havent heard he snuck away from his ranch jumped on a plane and served our troops turkey in iroq. ( the short version )


  4. if you think that meat pie looked like dog food take a peak inside a sloppy joe

    for me if i ever see one of those im gonna have to try it, meat in a pie its a win win deal to me..

    mmmmm sloppy joe

    well i know what im havin for dinner

  5. ruin i should prob calrify my second post it was in reference to his request for you to get info( a sort on the sarcastic side)

    my brother in law is not too far off from being in the same place as your father(320lb w severve sleep apnea) he isnt as in as bad shape as your father but on his way( weve been working with him on it)

    but to clarify in my reference he stated the draining of health care, and he is right about the cost but not considering the other costs from other disorders, that was my main point.

    im not shure where your from but in america being over wieght is becomeing a huge problem( no pun intended seriously) and not all ppl are like you or me that can afford private care.( that is where the cost comes in) but i still pay into the system, ontop of my personal health care.( if you are in america pm me ill ask someone i know about what assistance can be provided by our gov.)

    i dont know what kind of peaple some of you are around but i only know of one person( literaly) who is an inconsiderate smoker.

    im not trieng to start a flame but i was referanced in a post and the post gave the impression that some how i am ruining some ones life i dont even know because of my desire to smoke. we ( smokers) are being stereotyped as some sort of plague attempting to damage the well being of humanity for our own personal fix. and it simply isnt true.

    as i said but was unfortunatly not quoted on is it should be up to you. if any one desides to ban smoking i will not and i feel most smokers will not infringe on there choice.

    i can say we all agree on one thing "smoking is bad for your health" that has been know openly since the begining of the tabbacco trade.( but peaple still enjoyed it)

    my key point in all of this is it is a persons own choice what they do. good or bad it is still there choice.

    but i also wanted to point out that there are other health impacting items out there that peaple seem to look over because they enjoy them, and that is hypocracy pure and simple.

  6. you know i missed ruins post. at that rate of death America would have been wiped out already( if you dont die from smoking ( or its related deseases)

    then your gonna have to make it past all the other stuff ( im trying not to make this one as long)

    the point is every one will die, and we will always have a top cause( which smoking isnt, at least in america)

    so lets get rid of smoking then what evil should we go after, old age, diet, environment. no matter what we do we will die some day from something. one day well just have to deal with it

  7. hey ruin while your at it get some numbers on how much over weight peaple drain the health care system,.

    ok so lets follow your angle on the affect of peaple around you shall we...

    so do you or your family drive a car?

    ever take a looksy at those nasty chemicals that come out of that tail pipe?

    no you dont have a car, what about electricity, over 80% percent of the worlds juice still comes from fossil fuels.

    and for those peaple that still some how get around me they should move to a diff, state, because the air here is just as bad, to day when i was driving i couldent even see the base of the mountains it was so thick.

    oh and yes i has not only seen peaple smoke from there throat but just watched a person die from lung cancer, while i was holding her hand so before you quote and pull the have you seen pitch, weve all have lived too and seen peaple die. and it was her choice.

    i am sorry for your families loss ( and i mean it ive felt the pain ) but your family is not my family and your life is not mine. so ill decide what i want to do to my body and you decide for yours.

    my body is still my right.

    ( btw ) if you are not smoking and i walk up to you and i want to smoke i will ask if it is ok. but if im smoking and you walk up to me its your choice

    i may choose what ill do with my body but i will be thought full of others please do not assume that i am just a due what i please person, i always think of the others it may affect.

  8. coca and orange, mmmmmmm. aarrrgggg

    you could always go to a local mexican mart and get dried spiced shrimp

    oh yeah moon pies, know you can get the joke in the old man in the freezer simpsons episode :D ( moon pies what a country )

    any other tasty tasty treats out there,

    maybe we could all use ups and get a little international snack share goin :thumbsup:

  9. well i will agree with just about every one here but id also like to through in a little extra.

    i will " assume " ( risky but ill take the jump ) that it may due to the possable racist nature, but in my opinion rasism inst a word its a state of mind,

    and thank you to the poster i learned a new word


  10. shure ban smoking and while your at it ban soft drinks, and coffe oh and chocolate ( it has caffine to ) and since were on that stop you from doing what ever you want with your body bandwaggen we shouldnt let any one do any thing that might remotely be bad for them or some one else. you know come to think of it sitting to close to a monitor is bad for your eyes, and lets not forget all the "health" problems typing causes us.

    ok ill just stop while im behind.

    but seriously i smoke , and drink coffe thats it thats all i have left, if givin every thing else up and now they want my smokes too.

    i live in Los angeles where the air alone is equal to a pack a day ( it went down from 2 packs a couple of years ago.)

    yes it can cause cancer and so can red meat, yes ive heard the heart desease issue ( just a hint if you dont smoke it will kill you too )

    i think if it where to be banned it should be up to the peple it affects the teachers and students ( good old vote )

    i dont want some one elses rights i can be happy with just mine.

    to me its just peaple exercizing there inner desire to fight for something good when all else has eather been done or its just to much work.

    ( where i am in cali. you get less greif smoking pot than a ciggerette, oh and since im ranting again if .... ok ill have to just stop

    eventually if you take every thing away from me, ill just live with out

    but in return i will bit by bit take away from you as well, untill we are both again equal and have nothing.


  11. hhhmmm i have a lot ( im slightly obsesive) but ill just through in one.

    groceries that are just thrown on the convayer, as opposed to them being neatly stacked in little squares. so that every thing is organized and compact. ( i normally just stair at other ppls groceries fighting with all my might not to re organize them.) and even look away when it to much :wacko:

  12. WOW

    what a sack ripper.

    well ive been a ubi gamer for some time and ive had to deal with there constant bugs ( every time they never fail )( and it a bit joke with a lot of ppl too ) but i have to say if they burn the gr community ( or at least make the gr community feel like theve been burned ) then say hello to other games.

    after all the wait and anticipation this is not what ppl wanted to hear. ill wait on it for a bit to see what the official ( oops i think we t'ed every one off ) responce is but i have as well been looking at other games, and plan on going that road. if ubi decides to release it on x box first then the best to them i wont be there to buy it, or the buggy pc version when they release it.

    for those of you talking about making your own version of gr2 for the community, anger can be a driving force into success. i would suggest looking at some of the freeware and shareware 3d game engines out there like destiny 3d and others ( if destiny gets finiches it will be beyond awsome)

    if you modders got together to work on a communiny based tactical simulator with your talent you could really have something going and i know i would get it. ( with the amound of pro. quality work you modders are doing now) :D

    think about it

    you know you can do it

    you know you have enough ppl to do it

    coders, scripters, skinners, map makers, modelers,

    if you took half the content you made for all these great mods you would have enough for your own game. and you already have your own models and skins and maps to start with.

    i know i would be willing to donate any hard earned cash that could help.

    give then the old :P and do it your self you know you can, you will have our support and you already know exactly what we all want.

  13. yeah ive really been wanting to d/l the new drivers but untill edemensional does there thing with them my glasses will be useless, so patiently i wait.

    btw since we are on the new drivers has anyone actually seen an improvement boost from them (in gr). ive heard of a few games that got a big boost and some that got nill.

  14. ok i got it.

    first person view would be looking at ones actions from your own perspective.

    second person view would be looking from your own perspective at someone elses actions

    third person view would be looking at you actions from anothers person, or things perspective.

    the terms come from proper grammer

    so if you where in a fps game and you had second person view you would still be in first person view

    it comes from speaking about "them" ( a second person )and telling something from "there" ( the second person) perspective


  15. anything other that seeing from the persons eyes is 3rd person.

    i forgot the reason they called it 1st and 3rd but ill look it up, i seem to recall it being used as a descriptive term in dreams states, and self reflection.

    viewing ones actions from the perspective of another person or thing.(dictionary)

    ill find it this used to drive me nuts years ago and now ive forgot :wacko:

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