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  1. you can download some of these there cool but eventually get annoying trying to train them was going to use one of these to answer questions for peaple at work but they still need fine tuning.

    check out ultrahal free and alice

    of and there a lot of fun to hook together and see what happens

  2. i might get this game have to see how it runs on my comp and not my ladies. i like the ai but not really my style so ill have to wait.

    is there nothing to quench the thirst that gr has given us?

    not yet but a nice breather

  3. that a very nice pic.




    well i like it fake or real but if it is fake my compliments to the forger the person took into acount some very fine details

    if its real my compliments to the pilot he has great control

    ps it was saved from photoshop but who knows what for

  4. you could have the player actor trigger a zone and the zombie run to a path in that zone. possable break map up into zones with a well numbered path/plan system and crud i forgot the rest and i just had someone charge someone too but i removed it from script.

    but you get the idea, or border the map with paths/plans and eh that would be too complexe.


  5. toggleing trees off didnt make a large diff in frame rate for me but it might for some.

    i think what hx was saying is it would run betting if they used an "hex" tree occlusion method which is the first time ive seen it in hex, it is very common for most engines to support this style of occlussion culling.

    it is very common to use quadtree or octtree occlusion its hard to describe but look it up occlussion culling or quadtree culling on google you might find some better explanations.

    but i must give my compliments to hx on this one i havent seen hextree's before and id love to see how they perform in comarison.

    p.s. you can also find info by looking up occlusion culling and

    portal rendering

    hope i didnt make this worse :D

    edit :

    portal rendering http://www.medialab.chalmers.se/c2c/doc/portals.html

    and of coarse this which i am still reading through a vast resource


  6. the only porb at the moment for all these modders to get a new game going would be the engine. the skill and "substance" is definatly there, but the effort that must be involved on the engine side would be considerable. there are many free and or very inexpensive engines out there but with out a doubt they would have to be moddified to best suit the "style" there are some that i have been watching that look promising but are unfinished to say the least. and most are simple renderers, the rest of the game code would still have to be created ie, physics, collision, scripting, dev environment, netcode, animation, modified camera, ect.. the list goes on.

    but i still feel that if these guys got together they could do it there are lots of source code and free engines/subsistems out there that can get them started, and with there talent level i would give it a 1 year plus 6month beta and they could do it.

    but would it be free, shareware,commercial?

    if these guys did it i know i would be willing to pay/ even donated to the "cause" if they chose to make it free.

    p.s. ive actually be looking into this and researching for a while(about 1.5 years ) so if any modders have the cajones to do it i can give you all the links and info i have found so you wont have to spend all that time searching.

    pps you can do this and maybe make some decent money

  7. i have a p4 2.4 with nvidia5200 128mb and 512 onboard and the map ran very good for me, changing the trees to low/high had no affect on frame rate fo me. i would have to say this is a good and playable map, still incomplete though, so i look forward to an update. there where some clipping errors, on low detail more that just a few. and a few small places where frame rate did drop, but i think that could be played with.( oh and one error where you can fall out of a building if you walk backwards to the window and turn around.

    but over all i look forward to seeing what might be done with this map it was a pleasure to play on and i hope more ppl push the limits like this more often.

  8. well im gonna have to check this one out. it may be high poly but at least we can get a taste of what faster machines and future map can bringe us.

    but one question for scripting what effect on the gaming would it have to draw back the clipping a touch and just fog it a little more.(not a fan of fog but it has its place)

  9. being a big fan of x craft i have to say the ufo this is my fav:

    an advanced race of beings travaling through time and space unlocking all the mysteries of the universe, but cant figure out the human a**.

    one thing i love to do is look at the pics and descriptions of craft on the ufo sites, then go to the aerospace company site to see there latest aircraft( dont forget nasa)

    try it youll love it its like cut and paste

  10. she should have read a quick guide to mens thoughts.

    The lingerie trap My husband passes along this lesson learned from hard experience: Never buy lingerie for a woman unless she has ripped out the page from the Victoria's Secret catalog and circled the exact item herself. If she opens a box and sees something that looks like a black satin hanky, it just opens up a can of worms: "Why does he want me to wear that? Does he need me to look trashy? Doesn't he like me the way I am? Next thing you know he'll want me to wear a blond wig and fishnet stockings like a streetwalker!" You can go from surprise to Splitsville in five or six mental leaps. Way too expensive on sooooo many levels.

    i think the aswer to her question was in the gift. lol

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