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  1. "unless BSR makes another half-assed attempt at OE... not likely."

    BSR did not make a half-assed attempt an OE...The Polishing Weevils did. Some BSR members are on the mod team, and quite a number (along with other clans) tested it. These crews are seperate entities.

    I look forward to Crysis and recoding much of it.

    I thought about modding GRAW (to who ever mentioned it) but after looking at its structure, perfomance, and depth of Moddability decided not to. Well other than personal tweaks to suit my own taste.

    P.S. Whats with the insult? Did one of us touch you in the bad spot or something? I can respect very much people not liking it, but to throw an insult at the group because of that is odd.

  2. If possible (esp. for brick like patterns) Take the photo from farther away zoomed in to help reduce distorsion.

    Us as neutral of lighting as possible. I prefer cloudy days, mid day. Note the time of day you took it, in case later you need to compensate for Blue shift.

    Take lots of photos of any given subject. This will make it easier if later you want to manipulate it and need more texture data. Otherwise you have to use texture data from a single image and it can be noticable. (I take 2-3, when I get an image I like)

    Hope all goes well and look forward to seeing them.

    oh P.S. watch out for the Jpeg artifacts. output in raw or TGA if you can. And remove pure black and pure white from the final texture.

  3. "Those who worked on OE and now OE2 know who they are"

    I know who they are, Every single indavidual gets the ok of several indaviduals. Of which I am one of. Every single one of them.

    Negativity doesn not equal reality any more than Optimism equals reality. Negativity is an attitude.

  4. "I mean no offense to the OE team (they did a great job, and I actually helped on the project) "

    Sup, Please do not claim to have helped, worked on or been associated with Obsidian Edge, the Polishing Weevils or Obsidian Edge 2. You did not actually help on the project. The only time you have been brought up was for admission for OE2 team. You where rejected for you attitude and quality of work. That was it, and all of you association to this Mod, Mod Group, and Sequal.

    This claim you make is of an extreme insult to the people who work very hard for a year and a half to have completed OE1. This is the full list of people who worked on OE1. Answering questions in forums, does not count as a contribution. We do this all the time.

    (I will add the credits list shortly) You will note that I know all of them, every single one. Including those who only worked for a short period of time.

    two things, very personal at this point. Some one need to beat you with the shovel of positivity. Every time some one post something hopefull, positive, or that makes them happy you come along with you dumb ass negative comments. Across every damn forum too.

    And of coarse do not ever claim to have been apart of, worked on in any way shape or form OE. You where rejected. Get over it and get one with your life.

    Btw, just to let you know. I am a co-founder, and co-leader of this mod. ###### does not get past me.

  5. Well, this is the thought process. We want OE to be a tac sim shooter with unique feel.

    After spending a large amount of time researching other games we felt that our mix of realism will give that impression with out afecting gamepay.

    Core concepts we decided apon that heavily affected our descision.

    We want actions to have concequenses.

    We want to increase the level of player anxiety leading up to and during player conflicts. (Pucker factor)

    We wanted to reinforce the feeling of being "alone" (greater pucker factor) when a player is not with the team. (take advantage of vanerability).

    After a lot of discussion and player testing that is the mix we felt achieved the goals. We did not feel that we fully achieved the desired affect so in OE2 we will be adding to the mix.

    This is only a small portion of the thought process though.

    One thing that we will work on fixing is the strafe wars that where inherate to the FC set up. Strafe wars detracted from the tension and broke down the affect we where working towards. In OE2 we plan on resolving this issue.

    Yes Soroc this is the Gr.Net thread. We should point it out to Cuz and Bamboo for updates.

  6. Just wanted to keep folks up to date on new stuff about OE2 and the Polishing Weevils Mod Team. Currently we are not releasing more info about the mod it self. But as far as the Polishing Weevils go we have expanded and have the great oppurtunity to work with some top notch modders.

    So that people watching the mods progress can get to know the mod team a little better we have put up a "meet the team" page over at www.obsidianedge.net . As time goes on we will fill out more info (the bio portion) on the team members.

    So with out further ado, Meet the Polishing Weevils Here

  7. I really wish I had spelled "but" correctly.

    So If a may redirect my energy back to the poll. I do have question for folks.

    To the modders. Would you produce content for a game like this?

    If I had time, and the foundation game was solid I personally would.

  8. I know the spots well, as others. I only go by Suli in specific game forums Sup.

    My issue is very simple, you state you know indie devs ( I will generalize in this instance and refer to them as devs). From this you have created an opinion and cast it as a broad generalizasion of devs. It is an accurate opinion of a particular subgroup, bud you state in this thread as if it where a matter of fact for all devs. Knowing some people does not equal understanding the scope of anything. (I know a lot of soldiers, I would not dare to imply or state I perfectly understand their work or beliefs) It definatly does not imply a perfect understanding.

    Very simple, you do not speak for all, yet you imply through your statements that you opinion (take) is representative of the mass. Your view does not represent all devs. Stating you know some, and you hang out where every one else and there brother hangs out is not exactly strong backing of your opinion.

    If you where to say "the folks I know", or even "from what I have seen", it would change your posts dramatically.

  9. "I perfectly understand indie, though. I know some people involved with it."

    Knowing some people does not mean you understand it. Knowing Indie dev's around these circles is like knowing some one who is a teacher. Every body does.

  10. "I know what it means."

    From your comments I really do not think you fully understand the point of Indie or the poll. You are tied to the words, and not the point of the poll.

    Once a modification becomes comercial it becomes a third party add on (or first party if aquired). Always has. Modifications are no longer Mods once they are commercial. They just Started as mods. In many casses (as expressed by the example given in the poll) the root would be a Mod, but not the final product. They will share common techniques.

    "Prozac, if people are doing high quality work and want money they need to get a job or some freelance."

    And who are you do tell a talented artist or coder what they should do to make there money?

    eh, Que Sera Sera, you and I just read this whole thing different I suppose. Very Very different.

  11. "And now you're defeating the purpose of indie.

    If indie devs wanted to do that they'd just be modding; they're working in indie out of principle."

    Quite the contrary.

    Indie has no "Purpose"

    Indie, is not a spirit. It is short for Indapendant Developer. You will find Devs doing Indie out of "Principle". But that is far too generalized a statement to include all, or even the majority of Indie devs. Indie does not represent an attitude, or a company size. It represents a studio or indavidual developers state of publisher Indapendance.

    As for the second statement, please re-read my post carefully.

    Producing 3rd party content can a good move for some studios.

  12. To me this wonderfully provoking though poll could be cleared up by changging a few words.

    10 dollor base game with one level. =

    Indie game kit.

    Mods, or modders. =

    3rd party add on developers.

    This concept looks less like a deal of charging for mods, than it does opening up the 3rd party add on market to indie developers. By opening it modders can have the opurtunity to join in on the 3rd party developer bandwaggon. (AKA Steam).

    Any one remember when 3rd party add ons where produces judisiously?

    I am going to pick on John, since I never have and his name comes with wieght.

    If Blackfoot Studios where to produce a tac game. That included one level, under the premise of a tac sim dev environment. Allowing Modders (and others) to step up into the 3rd party realm, and produce sellable expansion content for this "frame work" game. I would feel the desire to purchase. Since as a fan of the genre, it mean I can buy a cheap core, and then tailor my purchase with other small purchases enhancing my fun factor in my little corner of a tac community. I would be all for it.

    In fact I have been for this concept for a long time. I am a strong believer in efficiantcy through re use, and this concept at its core allows for people to produce better content through the reuse of core content. As a gamer, I could care less if fred nobody made and sold me kick ass fun, or if Ubi did. So long as I got Kick ass fun for my money.

  13. "Most people with the talent and experience to truly make something great are in the industry already, or otherwise not interested in modding."

    Devs Mod too. They just do not advertise to you who they are, it is not uncommon.

    Engines can be had for much less. People do not need the latest buzz word engine to create a great game. Most games in one way or another (even great games) are behind the curve on "ccurrent" Engine tech. It is not the software, but how the people use it.

    If some one very talented lead up a team to create a great game, and they leveraged their experience to offer something up of excellent design. I would buy it, even if the tech was a year or two old.

  14. It is not uncommon to have notes like this in files. Even for a released game. It is also not uncommon for someone to forget to remove a comment even after something has been fixed.

    You should see my comments. Half them blame Rugg. :P


    On a commical note of my comments that I intentionally left in to some work I did was:

    "###### Getn() is returning "n"." (appeantly the letters w, t, and f are censored.)

    Followed by a detailed explanation of a strange array access bug and why not to change my work around code (which followed a different languages method).

  15. 2.7 not sure. But they had a nice set up in the front where you could take photos with a .50 and a hummer. I think it was thursday the had a team jump from a chopper and parachute in across the street. Free disks where being handed out.

    Oh and they had the cool little remote tracked robot handing out disks. It was funny watching folks try to figure out how it "knew" where to move the arm. :rofl:

  16. gotta love thsoe typos. I ment pre-done. Often breakable objects in a game will be seperate 3d models that just look like on piece. Under the right criteria these models will no longer be bound together. (like limbs, trees, and walls). In Crysis the break point in not pre defined by the model. You can litterally choose what tree you want to make firewood out of. The trees where a big show point at the show. They are very dynamic.

  17. Oh, here is one thing i remember. The tree damage in Crysis happens exactly where the object hits it. So the trees arent pre done.

    Also for you modders out there, Agia is looking for modders for Cell Factor. Dont know if they made a big announcment yet. You have to email them, but you can PM me if you are interested in the info.

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