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  1. should it run then make you a backup of the Ghost Recon directory ! I have a backup from the year 2004 and it runs on all systems (XP, Vista, 7,8,10, Linux) without problems whether from an external USB or system disk.
  2. maybe this helps Close Ghost Recon Open the options.xml file with a text editor in the Ghost Recon directory if the user account control is activated, the files are here "C:/Users/Username/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Program Files (x86)/Red Storm Entertainment/Ghost Recon" Windows copies the files into this folder to protect the original ones To view the files, go to Windows Explorer to change folders and search options. Check hidden files, folders and drives view <ShowIntro>FALSE</ShowIntro> <ZBufferBits>32</ZBufferBits> <FullScreen>TRUE</FullScreen> <VideoResolution Width = "1920" Height = "1080" BitDepth = "32"/>
  3. ok works are 15.07. correct thank you Serverlist
  4. hello thanks for the info but the server throws me down again, and can not be displayed correctly
  5. new error map 175 does not show anything on command map
  6. I have found a problem on the mission map 152 can be specified on the command map no waypoints for AI. I think the problem I had on other maps.
  7. does anyone kno it the project AB Squad from AB_Lt_Cmd_Riker it is absolutely hardcore, unfortunately it crashes more often. it's a huge mod collection over 10GB in size. Missions 773,Gun kits over 300,Special missions Isis, Taliban and al-Qaida, WWII you follow the installation instructions it will crash, but I got it working. fantastic how he adapted the sounds, vehicles and uniforms. For example, German opponents are running they also speak German funny for me as a German. As it is now, it runs as an independent GR. It is based on HX5.
  8. Thank you very much Apex, after the first tests the dedicated server is now running HU 1.0.0 without errors.
  9. In Lan-mod, it also crashes, no matter what you set, as soon as an action of the client is executed, for example, I call the comandmap on a soldiers crash. I've tested it with my Server PC 1Gbit lan and my Client PC 100 Mbit lan, then I swapped pages synonymous crashing.So as I said the 1.0.0b9 version always worked, but the enormous amount of data of the new version seems to be the Problem. The information from Client to server need too long. Already at the start one notices how large amounts of data are loaded. weir in Lan two PC with 1 Gbit can yes test whether goes then the data flow faster.
  10. Exactly these problems I have also noticed, at startup start enormous amounts of data are loaded which takes a long time to start it. Once the multiplayer game then runs it crashes for the client, the amount of data seems too large which brings the game to crash.
  11. Can you check if I have it installed completely
  12. as soon as I shoot at the enemy fly from the server
  13. The server itself keeps running, but as a client the game crashes. It always happens when I target the enemy and zoom. This error message is logged SimGun: Gun node Fixed MG 05 has no camera offset helper point. SimGun: Gun node Fixed MG 04 has no camera offset helper point. SimGun: Gun node Fixed MG 01 has no camera offset helper point. SimGun: Gun node Fixed MG 02 has no camera offset helper point. SimGun: Gun node Fixed MG 03 has no camera offset helper point. SimGun: Gun node Fixed MG 06 has no camera offset helper point.
  14. Hello, congratulations on the release, unfortunately it crashes in the dedicadet server mode
  15. hello, will the download page for Ghost Recon Mods stay offline?
  16. you are looking for a server then look here who is online
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