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  1. I have put a few fish org new
  2. wow what an evening tonight we have worked our way forward in Rockall what a brilliant mod
  3. Here again a new version 2.01 of the HU_101_Fix where more errors were fixed. hopefully it helps to finish some missions after many desperate attempts. It is to be used as HU add-on
  4. Here is a very new gamer OS Regata based on OpenSUSE, visually very nice.
  5. what question, but of course we still play, even after 20 years we sneak through the Battle Zone every day multiplayer visit server list contact over https://discord.gg/kd2aRzp
  6. it's going on, mission 13 and 17 are corrected 😃
  7. thanks for the tests the options.xml I have already adjusted the entry em1_killed15.wav must remain, in the Origmiss russian_voice.xml not present! The sound entries in the missions have been adjusted no more error messages. Mission 1 seems to run but mission 2 crashes spontaneously. I stay tuned have found more.
  8. Well, the patch is not very big, so I assume it has something to do with the music.xml. But it still crashes I'm testing my through.
  9. I am looking for the SFOR v1.1 patch (1.76MB)
  10. well that should be very easy replace your game name with a blank character for SP For Multiplayerservers , joining the server with a blank name does not work - there must be at least one character, such as a dot or hyphen. no enemy sound messages load the files and copy them into the HU-Sound folder the sounds of the warning messages have been adjusted to be soundless to make it even more exciting
  11. Today was again full house with us P2-Coop was played
  12. The campaign file is in the HU folder save/game and has the filename .csf_bin , if you want to test if this is the problem, put it in a zip file and delete the original temporarily. I think the files are faulty with you here are the originals https://gist.github.com/drguildo/eacd4018bb327d486c29 note the filename c_unlockedhero.xml which is wrong here in the example c_unlockedheroes.xml
  13. Everything is normal for me, can you take a screenshot? The KIA appears only when died
  14. this is still in the trial phase one little thing I wanted to adjust
  15. yes, of course, if you want to use it, save the original file and add the threat.rsb under data/shell/art, if you use mods, add it to mod directory under shell/art
  16. Here's a tip if you play a lot in single player HU you should temporarily empty the folder save/game. i was shocked how data garbage has accumulated here. This comes from the automatic Quicksave every two minutes.
  17. that gave me no peace, so definitely only 259 - Caribbean Dawn (XXL) and 175 - Caribbean (XXL) crash in SAR XXL mode, but you can play them in SAR XL mode. If you have any other missions let me know.
  18. this must be a big coincidence, I didn't bother with the XL and XXL missions, but in the manual the problem is described in the APPLICATION CRASHES section. I now tested a few missions it is always different sometimes it works sometimes not.
  19. https://archive.org/details/ghost-recon-mods to speed up the whole thing I have uploaded everything to it is also possible to view the contents to do this call all the packed file on View Contents
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