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  1. Everbodys got some nice rides, but theres to many cars we need more pickups. Hey Wombat50 that cutlass is... well I guess the trunk monkeys cool
  2. I watched that movie a couple weeks ago. I think it's a really good movie.
  3. I apoligize if there's already a thread like thise but I couldn't find one. So here goes post the type of vehicle you are driving and anything you've had done to it. 2002 Ford Ranger edge Camburg 6.0 performance dual shock kit on the front, Dever leaf springs with bilstien 5150s in the rear 33x12.50s BFG AT on 15x10 baja champs fiber glass fenders that are still in the shop About 5 grand invested my little sister standing front of my tire
  4. Good luck Pz. I finished Airborne about a month ago.
  5. Chuck Liddell is my favorite to. I think Tito Ortiz is a good fighter. I've seen him beat both of the Shamrocks and Forest Griffon, but I'm not a big fan of him.
  6. I was just wondering if anybody here watchs the UFC fights on spike TV its the only sport I watch besides football. If you do watch it whos your favorite fighter.
  7. I just got me a springfield armoury 1911a1 I'll take pics when I get time
  8. not your fault, suuuuuuure Post some pics of it
  9. Ya, i agree she's just a 5/10, but if I drank a few beers she'd turn into a 10/10
  10. Great job SF. makes me want to get a better computer and buy GR again.
  11. thats cooooooooool. I read that in the paper yesterday. Ye
  12. ehehehehe good stuff guys
  13. I wouldn't say she's the hottie to end all hotties, but she is d*mn fine looking
  14. That sucks at least no one was hurt real bad
  15. No problem, I don't remember having to go into the parking garage when I did the mission.
  16. When you demo the building walk upto the wall where your objective is at, and when the thing comes up on your screen pull the left trigger. hope this helps
  17. I think its a good book a must read for anybody who likes military books
  18. My favourate is the lord of the rings trilogy
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