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  1. My apolagies, I know they have a detachment down there, It is Poole My bad
  2. Flash bangs rock, Specialy when u got ya tinted lense S10 respo on!!!, Theres smaller versions called 'thundies' in the BA, No pin, Jus pull and strike. I got to nearly every single weapon which is in 'ACTIVE' service atm, Best was a £4k warhead from a LAW 80, Woulda rathered the money to be honest, But it shakes the earth like u would,nt believe. The most entertaining was a jungle clearence when i went over with Guards company with Prince William, We got to fire a mini gun to clear a path for target pop ups, The sound is immense!!!
  3. The bluey grey Beret is RAF issue to none pilots, Its also used by REME for temp issue when dealing with dirty work but still requireing head dress, That bottle green one is RMC
  4. I gotta agree with that, And these guys are supposed to be the cream of the elite! Surely haveing the weapon readied into the should all the time would take 2 secs to get an accurate shot off, And i gotta agree with the engine, It does feel heavy and sumtime clumsy when you walk near a wall and stop, When what you want to do is keep tight into it, It would be nice to see a more faster movement in game to clear rooms ASAP!!! Chargeing about like a trigger happy maniac!
  5. Thanks, I tried a similar link, But it was sum voice coms thingy But thanks again
  6. Can someone supply me a live link to d/l frost bite please? Thanks
  7. Lol, Enemy AI is crazy in GR, Did and assault on 2 guys with an M14, Shot the one guy, And the other ran off by a tree, But didnt start shooting, So i thought i,d be clever and walk upto him, As i neared him, The ###### tricked me into thinking he surrended, Then shot me jus as i pulled the pistol out rdy to double tap him in the head
  8. Will get onto em ASAP, Any recommendations on which too use in you opinion?
  9. I play Dark Age of Camelot, The money and time sink!!!, And also play Team fortress, Happily imagining its TF2 which better be sorting itself out soon!!!
  10. When i was in, We had a Sgt from 22 SAS called flighty attached to us in Iraq, A conversation arised about this one on what the procedure is if captured, As i was in Support Company Recon platoon, Bascialy the standard procedure is , Name, Rank, Number and nothing else, Only if we were holding vital information which could breach American or British strategic plans, Are we excpected to take our lives into our own hands, He then gave us a morale boosting speech on how takeing your life, Instead of cracking under interogation and leaking information, Can save more lives than yours. Distrubing but true, But then all your ever told is your expendable. Also both Andy Mcnabb and Chris Ryan are not there real names, Which didnt suprise me. I think maybe alot of situation written in books are exagerated to make sales better and the book more intensive!
  11. Some of those sigs are awesome, Im hopeing to get into it, But the Black Cell is the only one i,ve done, Its just finding the time to do it (Work) ,Anyone know any good programs to make banners other than psp?
  12. Foot Prints!!! In things like snow/sand Then maybe you can figure out the enemy patrols by looking at the routes patrols take, And be able to use claymores more efficently , And would make recon missings more exciteing. I,d also like to see camo selection like in rouge spear (Example) Probs sounds silly, But i play far more better knowing my guy looks so cool all in black with assault goggles on Oops, I think this was supposed to be in 'What you want to see in GR2' Its old age i tell you
  13. 7.62 anyday , But then i think it comes down to whos useing the weapon in the first place , An M16 grouping would be smaller than that of an AK, But i like the wood feature
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