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  1. I have a weird question can i increase player health of normal player like in a normal fps by editing cmbtmodl file in Mp1,Mp2 & Origmiss <CombatModelFile> <VersionNumber>1.0</VersionNumber> <BallisticHeadFactor>-100000000000.0</BallisticHeadFactor> <BallisticChestFactor>1000000000000.0</BallisticChestFactor> <BallisticArmoredChestFactor0>10000000000000</BallisticArmoredChestFactor0> <BallisticArmoredChestFactor1>80000000000000.0</BallisticArmoredChestFactor1> <BallisticArmoredChe
  2. Working Link of Above Link here does not work:- http://www.armyofghost.com/forum.html#/20141105/i-made-a-trainer-that-shows-weapon-in-game-4354888/
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