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  1. Ghost War League is pleased to announce that the 4v4 Pro League team registrations are now open for Season 01. Teams will need to register their 4-player Pro team during the registration window of 11/04 – 11/25. Season 01 begins 11/27. Larger clans will need to create additional teams or limit themselves to one Pro team as teams are capped at 4 players max. In the Pro League, teams will take part in a 10-game regular season of league-scheduled matches with the top 8 teams advancing to a single-elimination playoff tournament. Each member of the championship team will be awarded $50 in
  2. I'd like to announce that the GhostWarLeague.com ladders are now LIVE. Please visit our forums or Discord for questions.
  3. @raw, send me an email at support@ghostwarleague.com and give me your info, I will sign you up manually.
  4. I'm not sure what's wrong raw, try signing up on a phone or tablet, or try a different password/email. We have a strong anti-spam blocker, it might be flagging your email or something. Try making a gmail or yahoo email.
  5. Greetings Ghosts, I'd like to introduce to you GhostWarLeague.com - a new site that just went live today. Our team is made up of Ghost Recon (2001) and Ghost Recon 2 players, who have played GRAW, GRAW 2, and other games in the GR series, including Ghost Recon Wildlands. We have also played on and/or admined on many of the old ladders/leagues such TCZ, TWL, TAG, Squad Games, WLG, Fragpin, and others. With the news of Ubisoft launching a 4v4 PvP version of Wildlands, my friends and I got excited and had hoped to relive some of the olden days matching with Ghost Recon. While looking ar
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