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  1. Why are there buildings in the maps for us to take cover in if they dont provide any cover at all?? I hide behind rocks, they shoot through the rocks, I hide in buildings and they dont even need to go into the buildings, they just spray the walls and get me, if we arent able to take cover, just remove it all together and put us all in a flat field and give us rocks to throw at each other, I waited damn near 7 months for this pvp and have really been let down, yet if I am using a sniper rifle and shoot at someone and my bullet hits a leaf in front of me it gives me the same animation it would i
  2. Just wondering if anyone has heard of, or knows when we might be able to start customizing our weapons in the PVP, I absolutely love the PVP in this game and character customization is fantastic, but what about our guns duuuuuuude?!?! I want a long barrel on my P90, and I want a scope on my M4, and I want a supressor on ALL my weapons!! Again, great job on the game, but could use some bigger maps and more game modes.
  3. When? when will the "devs" release the pvp, it was supposed to be an open beta, havent seen it, why is it taking them so long to release this, they have released two game modes/expansions, and still have not delivered on any of the pvp promises, I know perfection takes time, cool, whatever that means, what I want to know is why they are failing to deliver, the development team needs to stop dragging their heels, and release it, I have completed this game in its entirety on every difficulty, I have 100% of the collectibles, since then, about 4 weeks after the game was released, I have deleted i
  4. Well, summer is over, where is the Beta? another broken promise from ubisoft? I played that game on all difficulties and completed it, I also got 100% of collectibles, since then, the only time I have started this game on my xbox is to look to see if the pvp is available yet, Since MArch they have been saying there will be pvp, but they have never given an actual date, its always later later later, never for example Sept 12, 2017. when are you going to stop lying and stop dragging your ass? its no wonder everyone says not to buy anything ubisoft.. grrr
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