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  1. Try Canadian Operatives 2 by Bajabravo, there a mission in the Ravine where you have to assassinate a Warlord with only a 2 man Sniper team. A toughie.
  2. Yup, HX 5 has some fly-by missions and one river patrol in a zodiac. And I think one of the insertion Helos in a mission was actually a Chinook or a CH-53. Traffic Colombi contains a mission where you can ride in a VW van, and your enemies come in Chrysler Jeeps and run away in Ferraris.
  3. In the server options check that your kit restriction is to "No restriction" instead of the "Originals Only".
  4. ... lol, ZA you still watching those "The bush tucker man" DVDs?
  5. Check out Weapons of War 3.1 by Prozac, some great models there.
  6. well, standard upgrade has some nice support weapons in them, especially that M249 para...but form other threads it does seem you have problems with it...try Free Libya, since it dosent require Isnad Thunder.
  7. I don't know about the Utah beach mod, but i know that the 101st Airbornes requires Desert Siege.
  8. Find both Cnd Ops 1 and 2 here
  9. Addons Desert Siege and Island Thunder with patch 1.4?
  10. Okay, try going to control pnael, and select add/remove programs, find UBI game service there and remove, then d/l Dannik's link for the UBI service and install it.
  11. got up to level 3....and then got wacked by the flowers...
  12. Ah, so thats what i missed out nice to see someone having fun
  13. welll.eerr...see NY's post but yeah, GRNET, or other than that, www.tactical-elite.net
  14. yup that is an AT rocket on the side, its just stored there kinda liek the shovel on the bonnet, nice work Chems
  15. And the map mod sounds like White skull Valley to me...
  16. heh, great AT4 Snow, IIRC, you said about using Wolfsong's reticules, and the AT 4 ret in there was damn cool...
  17. and oh whats with the M60 reticule? seem si had to trace my way to the tangos....
  18. Bah, I would have been Hava, but i was out with firends all day, I'll see you at training then.
  19. Hope you'll recover in no time Shadow Recon.
  20. Wrong Forum mate, this is for GR2 and whats worng with GRNET's Download section?
  21. Its suppressed, so tangos can still hear you outside 30m, well atleast in the PC version it does...
  22. *runs off* croc, i have had soem really bad memories about getting chased by one of those...
  23. Also try Tactical Gamer mods, and you can find most of the map mods here at GRNET, just send yourself into the downloads section.
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