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  1. Changing weapon is the key next to 1, which look slike "~" ...<---that to chnage keys, you click on a key and click on map key, press the key you want, and it will appear as the 2nd key used for that action, map that action again and press another one you want to rid of the original.
  2. We have prefects at our school, they are voted and nominated by everyone from yr10-12, and all of the staff. All of the votes have equal weighting. The people nominated are only eligible for prefect if they reach the prefect requirement, good attendance, no suspensions in the past 2 years, school events praticipation level and academic results. The selected don't really dish out punishment to the younger groups, but acting as a strong role model to them. They also represent the school at various occasions, like a meeting with Sydney Girls High School - the school next door, organising events, dances, etc.
  3. Aye aye Nino, anyone who has played GR online with ZA would know that he is one of the most hardcore guys around Just a lil drunk sometimes
  4. Nice review Giwex ah.. played the mod quiet a long time ago, looks like im gonna reinstall it again Really enjoyed this mod Streinger
  5. Most of the people you see here use the same name you see right now, take me for example, I have Pvt B as my GR tag for now, but before i took a step back form team GRNET it was [GRNET] Pvt B. Guys within in the team usually call me Bee for short. People here mostly use the same names except for a tag or two infront identifying what clan they are from.
  6. geez, those 'glow sticks' are... unnerving... nice screenies Gordo
  7. Private B

    My first joke

    errmm...snake? if you thought it was bad, why post at all? and you might be trying too hard...really.
  8. Happy Birthday Shadow Recon! Hope ya have a good one.
  9. funny, thought you were gonna say HH2 but.... My all time would be ... GR, mainly becuase of all the people i met playing it, Team [GRNET]
  10. Snake, i don't get it, first of all you say you didn't try hard, and then you say that it wasn;t actually your work....how can we see that you didnt try hard enough when its your bro's work? And who do i trust now... *runs off crying*
  11. Private B

    '04 Olympics

    Yup, Ian Ian Ian ian ian and see the divers? woah...
  12. Private B

    '04 Olympics

    you seen the greek theater puppets yet B? Roy and HG are out of control this time round, hows all the plate smashing?? and when Roy did the whole stack....
  13. Private B

    '04 Olympics

    Won the fencing too Giwex Saw it on The Dream...guy was damn excited.
  14. Now, go load GR up and reload a M249, and tell me if in real life you can open the top up, unclick the box and insert a new one in the same time
  15. "Just Shoot me" ! now there's a show I haven't seen in a long time, Finch, Jack, Mia...
  16. I got the same one as Snow its 46kb right?
  17. Why not play with people that you trust? eh...*hobbles off*
  18. Private B


    drop-bear.... love ya Bundie...
  19. hey....what's that coming out between KP's legs? And dosent Chems look fine in that costum...
  20. zzz...zzz...oh wait, you mean the thread... oh yeah Snake, I think here's a response you wanted to see: Oh thank you Snake, how nice of you to share that info with us, it doesnt sound silly at all, you are so great, I love all your War Stories.
  21. Look for one of the 7.62 updates, there was a M14 with an ACOG somewhere in there.
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