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  1. Population: 4,447,307 (July 2004 est.) Capital: Asmara Area: 121,320 sq km
  2. if the mod allows, most likely, try to change the kit restrction to the mod's, for example: instead of no restriction, to have all the skins for Cnd Ops 2, you'll have to change the kit restriction to Cnd No restrictions.
  3. Just make sure all of your troops are in the extraction zone, soe may be a couple of meters out, and extraction will not commence, so make sure, switch to every character and move him there yourself. Or you can just bring an AT rocket and take the tank out and all the enemies. Cheers
  4. Private B


    Sart, you better get into this...
  5. Heh, the hail knocked out the power in my area for a while, while i was playing GR with NY, Sarty and ZA The really wierd thing is that it was hailing, thundering, but the sun was shining brightly over my place at the same time... btw Snow, nice place you have there
  6. Go Dee Go! @Lightspeed, I guess you haven't seen them but RSI is one of the top coop teams, only bested by GRNET just go and check the past Alpha Squad touneys. Here
  7. *cough*damnyouchemsididnotclikthatlink*cough*
  8. Fine, ask your teacher for Barium Hydroxide, and put it on your hand. Add some ammonium chloride to it and mixed throughly. Don't blame me if you get frostbite on your hand.
  9. cool story Chems, can't wait to read about the take down in the caves.
  10. Now you mentioned it...it does look like it, so...err...Snow, bulletproof glass?
  11. wow...day fo the triffids...now that was a movie, giant moving man eating plants, and a man taking them on with a flame thrower... I couldn't remember, in which novel did it start off describing the guy being in hospotial? EDIT: I meant out of the day of the triffids and War of the worlds...
  12. Awsome work Snow. Any chance of the swedish troops zooming around in that?
  13. Or, if you want to play some of the mission you have just did....but on the other side, against the ghosts, try out Band of Brothers by Jack57, should be in the recommended campaign section in downloads.
  14. Yup, the Ak was on his back, and later when he was giving medical attention to the AI, there was a M-21 (or aorund that) sniper on his back.
  15. First of all, do you have island thunder for PC? And you don;t need to unlock weapons for quick missions, all the weapons are already there. And in campaign, all your normal 'grunts' don't change weapons anyway, only the unlocked specialists do. so for the M4SOCOM, Henry Ramirez has it in IT.
  16. iirc, Jack stone has SR-25 which is not silenced, and the 4 kits prolly are, ammo, nades, pistol, and silence pistol.
  17. LOL, as stated above, and my previous post, SR-25SD is only in the kit when playing a quick mission, iirc it does not appear if you choose to play campaign.
  18. If you have Island Thunder activated, check the sniper kits, there should be a SR-25SD in there. And when you install a new mod make sure its in the mod folder, like below, C:\program files\red storm entertainment\Ghost recon\mods always chek to make sure, because sometimes the mod might make a mod folder for you, so it'll turn out like C:\program files\red storm entertainment\Ghost recon\mods\mods
  19. im not sure about a weapons mod, but there is one in White Skull Valley
  20. ...he didn't get it...he's too lost for help now... ...atleast i tried...
  21. Snake, if ya don't say anything, he will be quiet. It's everytime that you reply, he says something you don't like, so don't post here. I'm not saying that you're right or SN's right, but geez, it's over, don't carry on liek that any more, that's why the last thread got locked down. *read above with monotone, thats right...no emotions whatsoever*
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