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  1. Tyr out the model in Free Libya by Apollo
  2. Private B


    Chems ya ol' ######, how can't you tell that was me, I mean I didn't carry dual 203s with M249 with a 10x scope, so of coruse i wasn't snake.
  3. CROC as in Sgt. Crocodile? ← Yup, but if he made it in his Brazilian SF mod, he's releasing that form GR2 anyways, erm... if ya want jutes, try Canadians Operatives 2 by BajaBravo, there's loads of ;em with it.
  4. Private B


    hmmm...what if i was left handed? wow im a potential drug seller... wicked... So what was the deal? oops i forgot, no laughing
  5. educated guess: she's a right handed so when she takes a kneeling position, its the right knee that touches the ground all the time, its kinda like volleyball, so players wear one knee pad since when they dive they know which knee hits the ground first, and it also saves time putting on one, same with ankle braces, opps going off topic...
  6. they could just tick the block you so you can't PM them... wow and totally wicked sense of humour... lucky us...
  7. there is one out there, just check out the Stealth Recon 2003 missions by Alpha Squad. And lso watch out for the SR2004 missions which comes along with the Alpha Mod.
  8. LOL, err.. Snow take another look at the pic mate, note how many pages Giewx is reading
  9. iirc, all of the soldiers in the specialist list are normal British soldiers but in snow camo, just check them out in quick missions.
  10. Yup, very cool SB. Now we can have name calling in real time... not over PMs
  11. hehehe, he's your hostage, you need him to foolow you to the extraction, and once all the objectives are done - secure caves, camp, and captured Papashivili, you'll need to get all you men, inclluding Papashilvili back to the insertion zone, should be a green marker on the fround.
  12. geez, aint that a understatement
  13. un rar the files and then clicky click on the installer, create a new folder in your mod folder and name it XM-8 armoury or what ever, and install it into there, but its should be right just installing it to the default directory snow gives you. Start GR, goto the options and activate the mod
  14. Great Mod Snow, love that AT-4 And that XM-8 LSW...well what can i say... ONly one question though, how come the XM-8 compact with normal stock has no reticule bloom?
  15. wouldnt work too well ZA, once you get that the mouse, we'll be huntin you down
  16. insane zoom? um, if a real ACOG scope is 4x, then the weapon zoom should also be 4x. note how he says scoped rifles not included.
  17. Geez, here we go, B with another one of his more than a line post. So RSE/UBI si going to release the X-Box version first, But IF they have showed us what the 'new and improved' thing on the PC version is, don't you think the sales for the XBOX version will go down? Right now no one knows what it is, it might be small, it might be big, we don't know. They'll probably tell us after the prfots for XBOX version starts rolling in after Christmas. And don't get you hopes up too hight for it, like for all the people here that said "awww, he signed an NDA for that?". The surprise is much better when it's totally...well...surprising. EDIT: Cheers ZA
  18. What do you guys think ZA will reveal on the day? Could be something small as there will a a hud that shows what weapon it is, or something big, like... nvm. So...? Just don't get your hopes up too high, so it wouldnt hurt as much when its falling down.
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