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  1. okay, wow seems i have the same porblem as GR_Modder, so here it goes... "OI!!!, ANONYMOUS PERSON, go Knock it the **** off cause YOU oops, er.. I AM tires of this problem and also sometimes it is best to BURY these ISSUES! a.k.a IGNORE THEM!!!!" you get that you anonymous person, take that, i got this off snake and he's the bestest court d00d and consuling d00d ever. period.
  2. okay snake, so now there's this other problem... so how do i prove that cos3A/sinA + sin3A/cosA = 2 cot 2A ...its about the slope inclination on a GR map
  3. Okay Snake, so NYR said Hi, and then I said Hi, ... wait, is that an argument? so if it is, how can you help? and if it isn't, what do i do next?
  4. And, oh guys, please be serious about the forms, otherwise don't apply at all, Rocky only has 30 hours in one day, he can't waste them all on these applications.
  5. No and yes, depedning on game type
  6. Bah, only use mic when its an emergency, who needs it when you can answer or say what you wanna say with the preset messages? and plus i don't like cluttering up the air waves. And usually all you hear is keyboard type and static anyways.
  7. @Crimson, correction, Mike Pierce he shoots three on the fly, and then when he rolls and lands.
  8. Heh, got AC on Snow? Just got home from school with exams, lucky the train i caught wasn't a tin can. Heard its gonna be thunderstorm tomorrow and the day after.
  9. Happy birthday Rocky, hmm, what about a birthday present of a score of 100 in OC mission 3 eh?
  10. And btw those arent charges in the training, those are claymore anit-personel mines. Once you see the objective complete sign comes up, you are done, just move on to the next one.
  11. Hehe, no one mad at you, I replyed thinking that you said there isnt a mod with the M90 camo.
  12. Mk46 fires 5.56 rounds while Mk48 fires 7.62, as the mod name suggestes, so that wasn't a mistake.
  13. heh, what about last night eh? pouring down here in Parra, wierdo Spring weather.
  14. See DR post for one of the reasons why you don't want to join us.
  15. Aren;t the soliers in Wolfsongs Swedish Forces already wearing the M90? And so's the troops coming out on SWEBAT.
  16. Private B

    This weekends gaming

    Hey Rocky, maybe when you get it we can do some online racing again eh? Just remember to install that compass of yours or have Mrs Rocky sitting next to you going "hard right.... medium left..."
  17. A hybrid of an octagon and bacon...
  18. OKay, you sure its 13? what does the answer say? might be a misprint, (3y-9)(4y+8) =12y^2 + 24y - 36y - 72 = 12y^2 -12y -72 therefore y= 3 and -2 but thats only for 12y^2 -12y -72 For 12y^2 -13y -72 tried using quadratic equation: (-b to the suqare root of b^2-4ac)/2a TSR= To the square root of y = (13+ TSR 3625)/24 and (13- TSR 3625)/24 answer may also appear as: (13+ (145 TSR 5))/24 and (13- (145 TSR 5))/24
  19. El's a GRNET team member, not an Admin
  20. Well, maybe they met up and swapped headgear
  21. Click here to see an article on the destruction of Buddhist figures in Afghanistan.
  22. Private B

    Little jokes

    How do you make a cat go 'woof'? soak it in petrol and throw a match on it.
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