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  1. lmao too bad i was looking forward to it "
  2. Welcome, hope to see ya on the dedi server
  3. great MP5 can't wait until i get my hands on it...
  4. is a consultant *lame, i know* @ruin, yes, i totally loved the team photo, can't get that one of my mind... wat else did u plannes for me on TS on that night...
  5. Nice work DR killing with pistol from a distance can be quite hard...
  6. ROFL, wood 'n rubber i want one... why do u put it on your tie?
  7. Lookin good, l really like the MSG sniper, cant wait to get my hands on this mod
  8. Happy Birthday Ruin, hope you have a good one...
  9. A British Officer spotted a busker at the bottom of the escalator of a London underground station. The busker had a sign which read: VETERAN SOLDIER OF THE FALKLANDS WAR. The officer thought, poor chap, i was there and it was hell. Feeling sorry for his fellow veteran, he took twenty pounds out of his wallet and gave it to the busker, who responded with a hearty, 'Grazias, senor.'
  10. Private B

    CIA recruiting

    The Central Intelligence Agency ran a Help Wanted ad for new recruits. Three men answered the advertisment and were invited to the office for an interview. After filling out their applications, they were taken, one at a time, into another rrom. Here an interviewer told them, "One of the requirements for joining this organisation is that you prove your unswerving loyalty to us. We want you to take this gun, go into the other room and shoot your wife." The first job-seeker refused. "Sorry, I can't do that. We just got married." The interviewer asked him to leave. The second applicant was then taken into the room and was given the same instruction. "i can't do that," he protested, "we've been married ten years and have two lovely children," so he was rejected as well. The last applicant was presented with the same ultimatum in the same monotone, to which he replied, "Sure, I'll do it." And then he marched into the other room. Shots were fired. Then allsorts of noises came from the rrom as if a brawl were ensuring. There were screams, kicking and thumping. Finally the third applicant returned and was asked what had happened. He said, "Some jerk put blanks in the gun. So i had to strangle her."
  11. L'il Bunny Foo Foo? gotta hear that one someday
  12. This game is saved as a replay named "defaultgame" or something along those lines, it is replaced by the most recent game u played. But u can chage the file name outside GR.
  13. Stay safe, all u guys. Come back in one piece.
  14. Yeah, in the R6 book, there are only 2 teams of 10 man each, but in the game there are more than that. Only a couple of the oringinal characters were in the game, these were Ding Chavez, Eddie Price, Louise Loiselle, Dieter Weber, and Homer Johnston... Did i miss anyone?
  15. Standard Upgrade, I never turn this one off...
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