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  1. find a site to host it for you, try imageshack
  2. To test the units you have downloaded, just go to mission editor and find the specific units. If you want to use the Marine Assualt pack by Earl and co. for the original campaign download the MAS mod and this. Follow the instructions in the readme to use.
  3. "Becauise of its abillity to bring the world together whoever did it caused a WW3 secnario." said the Navy cheif. How'd he get to be Navy Cheif with that kinda spelling...?
  4. LOL, seen that at the UE forums, from what Avey said, they are the Royal Artillery?
  5. well, that depends on what weapons and optics they have, if it were an iron sight, no zoom at all, i think the aimpoint in game zooms a bit, and acogs definetly do.
  6. very cool Snow, nice work from all the guys in SWEBAT
  7. for the urban one you do, not sure about 2.0 i dont think so.
  8. Most of the total conversion mods out there change the single player skins...Try canadian Ops 2, Navy Seals by sixpence, Free Libya... loads of others too. Sixpence made some dedictaed skin mods for single player also. Just click the download section on top here at GRNET, check under euipment, and most of the "don't miss" ones have single player skins. When they are mutliplayer skins, 90% of the time they appear in SP... what mods have you used?
  9. Sorry to hear you leave Snow . keep a count? hmm, as a supporter Snow, you could always use the polls. Maybe open it for a week. Just a thought... And should you name all the weapons that you have done and has made it into a mod, so you won't just move it in jk. Just said that so we won't see any MP5SD with Eotech, or SA80, XM8, AT-4 and such since Snow has already made those and packaged them into a mod...
  10. ROFL, *pats Dan on shoulders*, Rocky does forget things... often... *runs*
  11. Did a topic go Kablammo?
  12. "Yeah, well, its goign well, and err we're happy about it, and its still under production..." geez, what did we gain by hearing that? they'll tell when they feel the time is ready.
  13. Private B


    heh, yeah take spawn off and say hi to Sin for moi,
  14. Hmm...NY get that Santa mission online...
  15. aye, he was refering to me, i was just being a smartass. EDIT: *sigh* yes WK, I know that you know, i was just pointing it out for EvilPenguin if he was still confused. So much confusion here
  16. but the question is ... do you cook?
  17. No, he's one of those guys who...do thing to those reindeers...
  18. 9.5/10 totally unbiased NY, , hehe, yes i know about the rollover on the sig, yes i am moving my mouse over it... rate which ever one, the bulletholz font was hard to see with any fancy background.
  19. There is a way to play the missions before you unlock them, but you can only insert one guy and thats in multiplayer, just host your own and select coop and missions.
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