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  1. Posting from some one else's place, GGz Blinky, Dinky, Zinky, and Ny and Havok
  2. Make sure you play on a honor server, where all the points count.
  3. Yup, you do need to register online at the america's army website to upload the results for your account.
  4. Take care G-man, check in frequently
  5. man, cant believe i missed that on tape...
  6. errr its in the quick missions... not campaigns.
  7. GGz, the usual ppl + Nino, and y chromosomes, with some pi.
  8. Snow, tried mission one again, no CTD this time, and the same thing happened on mission two again, where the insertion vehcile started rotating, this is because again one of my soldiers came out 'inside' the vehicle.
  9. Private B

    Game Up

    GGz. Mud Mud... Muddy... Muddy Mud Skipper!
  10. @Chems we had like 13 guys, and i've already played died on that mission before.
  11. GGz Guys, even though i didn't play those two missions. So again, I'm not really here...
  12. your eyes, and the angle you look in, it seems, from reading what Mac and others said... alright, that was a random guess
  13. Snow, I'm sure there are many members liek me that want to beta test this great mod, but we don't have any experience in beta testing (maybe its only me...), and we don't want this to come out bad because of that. And i assure you, very urgently indeed.
  14. He was previously a banned member, twice.
  15. Hmmm, where EricJ in this thread, maybe a real deal like him would know eh? LP? *sorry Mods i couldnt resist, I just know it*
  16. Private B

    'She blocked me'

    LOL, very cool variation of the song
  17. GGz, Nur, Rocky, ZA, Salvo, Total, Jasbo, Deylet.
  18. @4ceReconSniper will come status time is when right, paitently wait can't you? As KRP 56 has told in lines above, that a sequel of true we'll all wait for long... about GR how it went i know not, maybe answer Zjj will have... Disclaimer: I dont usually post like this...
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