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  1. Note that he did say "don't use full auto M16's anymore." And he said that "he only full auto M16 series weapon we have had (as long as I have been in) has been the M231 Firing Port Weapon." so maybe he didn't come across any. EDIT: and heres a quote from www.world.guns.ru that you directed to though on the COLT manufacture site there are full auto models. And OkieCowboy, maybe you should show a little more respect or tolerance to the people that to you seem to be intellectually behind you from another thread
  2. here and here ....and here.. last but not least ... here.
  3. Clicky 76 errghhh... hate that green, takes me ages, the other colours are alright.
  4. GGz I did not not TK bravo team. Proffessional TKer
  5. Yup, Hachet's pic of a M9 next to a .50 cal.
  6. Happy Bday ZA :hbday: and to Matto3 and Hort
  7. Its the picutres based on that video.
  8. go to Wks link and check out the roadblock page...
  9. Some mods already have that option, well atleast in certain missions. For example, CO2, one of the missions where you start off with one clip and to finish the mission you basically have to salvage weapons and ammo from the enemies you kill.
  10. I can't remember exactly, just try it in the SU folder, if that doesnt work, try the mods folder, and if it still can;t find it try the ghostrecon folder. gotta love trial and error
  11. Definetly, all the more fun in multiplayer too.
  12. Most mods can be used in combinations, though some kit files might overwrite )not sure no that one). If you start using a total conversion in the middle, there shouldn;t be any problems, but turning them off during campaign might cause some troubles.
  13. There should be an uninstall, if not just remove the Standard upgrde folder in the mods folder. Btw: do you have Desert Siege and Island Thunder add-ons? Since ST requires both. And know how to activate the mods.
  14. Just wondering, has anyone seen these before, looks to be some great artwork. A sample:
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