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  1. Thanks Crimson And oh happy birthday elpatricio. Yes i saw it at Agr-s
  2. tried Swiss Special Forces? Some nice SIGs in there.
  3. Happy birthday ZeroAlpha, Matt03, and Hort3. Hope ya guys all have a good one. @ZA, 39?! i had no idea
  4. On becoming a Consultant
  5. On being a Staff any new powers? Yep
  6. Lets go join and post about GR
  7. Just like a Guest posting on a forum, but actually they are looking at the screen telling them to be logged on, same goes with PM.
  8. Congrats Jack, now you have the power...
  9. Hope you enjoyed your trip stay, and fly visit GRNET next time your travel go online
  10. Private B

    Game On

    Good games people, stupid Georgian popping his head up every time i turn around....
  11. i guess thats how easter eggs are made eh?...
  12. Private B

    Game On

    Thanks for the games Havok, my connection went *splat* to often... GGz NY, DR.
  13. Happy Birthday Schenk, hope ya have a good one, Cheers.
  14. Why do you need a M136 specialist? If extra Rockets are needed just take both normal Demolition troops. Afte rthe mission, completing the 'X' objectove you get Nigel Tunney, the Demo expert.
  15. And also trying to act like Sam Fisher going to your kitchen...
  16. Private B

    Game Up

    Thanks for hosting Havok, good games Nk and NY, NY hope you get that fan sorted out pretty soon.
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