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  1. Actually you can, goto options and in the general one, there is the arcade mode tick box.
  2. Hey Sart, forum stalking only gets you in trouble....i would know... EDIT: oh crap, said too much
  3. Hey guys look at me... weee.... whops...finger slipped to freedom!
  4. Happy Birthday Croc, hope ya have a great one
  5. Hehehe, a soldier in the 5th SF, i guess he's mainly gonna be in the real military forums
  6. On becoming a Consultant.
  7. Private B

    Game On

    Good games, new faces where? wa? huh? im so lost...*walks off*
  8. I always thought the Helo in the last mission on It is the Mi-8
  9. Try the British Infantry Mod, it's got the same one if im not mistaken. EDIT: i am mistaken, its Operation Stabilise by AusViper
  10. Awsome stuff Croc How you goign with the reticules?
  11. I don't think it matters now, since it (British infantyr mod) is taken off if i am not mistaken.
  12. There is The British Infantry mod just released recently, and there are others mods still being made, take SWEBAT and Brazilian SF for example. Yes people have thought about stopping mod making because of news on GR2 but there are still modders out there making them, so dont despair, I'm sure another one is going to be released just around the corner.
  13. happy birthday Jaybee and Aggressor
  14. I guess you have only posted in the General Off Topic Forum and the posts there don't count towards you post count.
  15. Awsome Croc, i would like to see how long it is from the side though, coz it does look a tad too short.
  16. Yup, Happy birthday Avey, hope ya have a good one mate
  17. Try HX5 Red Sun, tthere is an AA missle in there, and there are helicopters to shoot down
  18. I think he meant that this page was on page two of the weapon modding forum, meaning people haven't been posting there, and he wanted to bump the thread.
  19. Check the downloads section, should be in the co-op mission section.
  20. Private B

    Game On

    Good games gents stupid shadow guys
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