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  1. Great looking operatives Croc,and no i dont think i need to know how you make them...
  2. looks great Snow now we need some mini gun runs on those... dman you JO
  3. what about the whole recon team saluting?...
  4. well, looks like he;s using Recon's sig now...
  5. really nice splash screens D, 4 days to go....well at least in Oz anyway
  6. ermmm...guys ..its not japnese, its chinese
  7. hmmm...shouldnt el and i be bold too...
  8. @Gordo Viper, wow, that what i call a 'killer koala'...
  9. I gotta say Homer, "...what are you going to do, release the hounds? or the bees? or the hounds with the bees in their mouth so when they bark, they shoot bees at you..."
  10. ...different currency mate
  11. Those skins are awsome Croc, nice work, looks like you've been busy lately eh?
  12. just out of interest 249B? whats the differenc ewith a normal M249 SAW?
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