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  1. he's most like;y to be near the tanks, or up to north-west on the command map
  2. Thanks for hsoting Havok, good games NY, Havok, Caine, Zantar. Pretty cool new maps.
  3. Dee, check you ICQ, since i can't seem to PM you
  4. hehhee, i like the secret message... i mean...the name...yes..the name...
  5. Island Thunder is another expansion you'll have to get, and for HX 5 Red Sun, you'll find it in the Download section uptop, but you'll need Island Thunder to run it.
  6. well, goto server options and turn off the respawns, about the original location, check random spawn points (only works with respawns turn on btw ). Its there by a click of the Server setup button.
  7. The GRNET dedicated server is always a good place to start GRNET dedicated server
  8. 1.4 patch? i always thought 1.4 came with IT, and what specific mods are missing the weapons textures?
  9. "if i ask the other guy which door is safe what would he say?" and then take the other door that the guy pointd out
  10. hmmm..seem i wasnt going to be aay for an hour at all....oh well...good games guys, *sniff*
  11. Most likely is that you do not have both or one of the expansion packs, Desert Siege and Island Thunder. They are both named MP1 and MP2 in the mods folder.
  12. is that you JB? the pic beside John that is
  13. I haven't tried the mod personally, but does it come with its own campagin? And if so, try starting a quick game and see if the missions appear there. PS: this prolly should also be in the modding section
  14. Try this question at the modding section, To my knowledge, lasers in most of the mods are actually part of the weapon, so it is always visible in 3rd person, but with a ghost recon reticule, you can't see the laser for it is right where the ret is going to be. But you can always change you ret to a red dot to simulate that feeling. There is a MP-5 with laser in HX5 Red Sun.
  15. hmmm...thats gonna be a challenge for me... and one im ready to take up
  16. well, WhiteKnight here at the forums sometimes hosts orig GR, just check the games room for the Knightmare
  17. Private B

    Game On

    well...i sorted my problem just before the last game...err GGz
  18. goto your options XML file and edit it, in the z-buffer change in to 32, i think that works
  19. tortoise have legs, and turtles have flippers
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