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  1. hey bro. I'm playing CoD 4 & 5 with the 7th Cavalry lately. i can be found quite often on thier tactical realism server the ip is you should come check it out,reminds me alot of our old XRW days. I go by the name Jaxom there tho. i can be reached on YIM under the name vonstrahd_1970 also hope to see ya around
  2. i got to feeling a little nostalgic today after playing Hawx ( btw looking for players on pc ) with a fellow named ExarW. when i asked this person whether they were on of the old XRW i recieved no answer but it got me wondering where everyone was and if they were still gaming. it's hard to keep track of folks since XRW Magoo's death and alot of us have lost touch. so if there are any old XRW members out there post to this and say hi! maybe i can set up a yahoo group or something so folks can stay in touch! Chuck XRW_Sgt.GpVon
  3. i can see the sense in changing a barrel from the 20" to something smaller for CQB use,and speaking from experience,i've had to change the barrel on an m60 after just 400 rounds when firing in a cyclic rate. now i know cyclic is not how you are supposed to fire an automatic weapon BUT alot of things don't go the way they are supposed to in combat. back the interchangeble barrels,awesome idea and if they use it i tend to think it will be a great thing that the soldiers out there will love,no one wants a long rifle inside of a building(thus the m4) when i was at Ft. Benning,training with all this stuff we were made to clean our weapons EVERYDAY no matter how many rounds were fired.proper weapon maintenance can potentially save your life.
  4. may i ask what the differnce is in the objective force and future force???? when i was in the US Army the m249 was brand spanking new and not even distributed yet!..........have to admit i was kinda mad when they took my m60 and gave me that thing,lol the youngins in the service now have all the cool toys............no fair! as for me,i'm looking forward to GR2 and still occasionally play gr1 when a good mod comes out. Mostly XRW is doing Joint Ops til GR2 arrives
  5. i have to agree with the other people that say ther will always be cheaters. we over at the XRW server have banned many a player for using cheats even one of our own was dishonorably discharged for it when he was caught. there is no real way to stop cheaters cuz where there is a will there is a way. does this mean we should give up on a game company that has given us many mitilary shooters and keeps on giving us terrorists to shoot at???? i won't give up on UBI,as i still play gr and alot of the rainbow six series. as for gr2,alot of what they are implementing into the new game sounds very cool,i know we at XRW are really looking forward to it and there has already been talk of a new XRW server for it. i just wish they would let us know SOMETHING about the pc version such as system specs and such
  6. absolutely beautiful,great job on that,too bad my machine is too laggy for FC.....................
  7. i tend to think they show the aircraft so close because it would be any fun to look at if ya call for an air strike,wait however long it takes for it to get there,and just see the an explosion(well it'ld be realistic,but not fun to watch) so they actually show the choppers and planes for more eye candy,tho it'll add stuff to the screen and thus cause massive slow down on slower machines or even midrange. seems some of us(namely me) will be upgrading shortly after it's release,just my opinion tho
  8. sounds pretty PHAT!!!!! really looking forward to trying this one,tho i have to admit that if the makers had an issue completing the first mission that i'm a tad intimidated by it! the rank system and different schools sound pretty cool tho...........can't wait folks
  9. here's 2 of the XRW nascars the first and the second and agian
  10. it's great to see people are still enjoying those,never thought it would get as long as it has.absolutely awesome................thanks to everyone who has contributed,keep it up folks. XRW_Sgt.GpVon
  11. yea so when ppl ask me how my off days were i really do think of my last mission...........lol
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