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  1. As far as I know fallen hhost doesnt have access tobthe tier 1 ablity
  2. Depends on if you prefer to play alone. I play coop
  3. The rewards are things like helmets face masks more camouflage options but you can also add damage to your weapons and if you don't want to use it there is no penalty for turning it off then back on later everything stays with you
  4. Cool i didn't have much time before work to sreach at all but most definitely will when i get home tomorrow for sure
  5. Just released Tier 1 today which is a neat way up make the game interesting
  6. I started with security because I had previous knowledge on how to takedown 2 of them from the open beta. Then i jumped around because I started to play online
  7. Anybody else hear about this and interested in the hunt on it?
  8. If you look it should state if there is a side rail on the weapon in the game laser sights can only be mounted on a side rail grips can only be mounted on an underrail
  9. My play style at start was overwatch then switched to ranger. Decided to go close to mid range for fallen ghosts and still ranger I think its a combination between favorite weapon and tactical and stealth percentages maybe have to do with average distance too.
  10. I have over 10 days of gameplay i have played through the storyline on SP and MP the game is nice has its ups n downs (what game doesn't). I personally prefer to play it online with friends or matchmaking it makes the game a little more interesting than SP i am still putting hours into the game because of the weekly challenges
  11. I agree it would have been better to have this released earlier like when fallen ghosts was released
  12. I would add better Friendly A.I. Control like the one show in the tread talking about it a long with this Friendly A.I. Customizable options ( don't like the fact i am trying to bend in and my teammates are sticking out like a sore thumb. Knife opinion in the base game (what military operative does not carry this) opition for advanced flight controlls ( I personally have adjusted to the flight controls in the game because it's the easiest and fastest way around the map outside of fast travel of course but i believe it would be a lot easier to dodge incoming missiles if we had the opition to have more control over the yaw n pitch)
  13. Any ideas on what this tier 1 I am hearing about is? Also I would like to know what everyone speculates will also be included in the Title 5 update? (If it has released already please feel free to give intel on it because I adulting and will not know until about 11:00pm CST)
  14. I don't see tier one being PvP i think that rocky is right we will have at least a month ofbhibe for PvP before it's released. Did they comferm PvP by the end of summer or was it more information on PvP by the end of summer
  15. Sounds like a nice challenge would really enjoy trying something like this
  16. That would be nice for those who play only solo i tend to play with other players who like to plan things out and fallow through with the plan as much as possible
  17. I think we are looking at the mid to end of july for PvP but at this time Ubisoft has stated the next title update should contain PvP so lets wait and see i hope you're speculation is correct mainly because i am very bored of the game already even though me and my friends still get on and play once a week
  18. Through my use of the app i have to manually input my IP address
  19. I don't know about removing the enemy markers from the minimap but on the xbox one you can remove them from the screen
  20. Sounds like it could be condor My longest shot is 726m and i can do it again anytime its needed i am currently trying to get it over 750m but anything father than that you literally have to either 1. know where they are, 2. Have someone closer telling you to aim higher or lower (which is difficult if you both are not in sync on the target) or 3. Use the cheat in the video which is a little bit of a challenge as well ( tried it did not get a kill but was an interesting experiment)
  21. Has anyone else recently played Tom Clancey's The Division and noticed similarities between one of the vehicles on the side of the road to one of the Santa Bolonca cartels SUVs in Ghost Recon Wildlands
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