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  1. It was ten years ago today that the brave men of Task Force Ranger and Delta Force went into Somalia on a mission that was told to be "...a hot one..." Together the Rangers and the Delta Force went in on a simple mission. D-Boys (Delta Force) Raid the house collecting all the priseners and targets you can get. While the Rangers put up a 4 corner primieiter. The mission started to go bad as PFC Todd Blackburn fell 70 feet from a Blackhawk. Then the unthinkable. The first blackhawk went down. Cliped from a RPG (Rocket Propeled Grenade.) As the Humvee convoy got lost trying to make it's way to the crash site (with missing 3 humvees sent to take Blackburn to the hanger) They started taking heavy causilities. The first person to die on any of their missions Sgt. Dominick Pilla. As the mission went on it got feircier and feircer. Then a second Blackhawk crash. A ground team was being oragized to go in and surcure the second crash site. Before ground forces could get there, Master Sgt. Gary Gorden and SFC. Randy Shughart, 2 Delta snipers volentiered to go in and set up a perimeiter before ground support arived. Both men died trying to save the downed Blackhawk crew. After the mission they were both awarded Medals of Honour, witch in my oppion, they desirved. The mission started at 3:21 PM on Sunday Octorber the 3rd 1993 and ended October the 4th 1993 at 8:26AM. The following Rangers gave their lives to help the people of Somila and to keep world peace: Sgt. Dominick Pilla, Sgt. Lorenzo Ruiz (Died from woundes from after battle), Cprl. Jim Cavaco, Sgt. Casey Joyce, Pvt. Richard "Alphabet" Kowalewski, SGT Thomas Field, and Cprl. Jamie Smith. The following D-Boys gave their lives to help the people of Somila and to keep world peace: Staff Sgt. Daniel Busch, Master Sgt. Gary Gorden, SFC. Randy Shughart, SFC Earl Fillmore, SGT. Cornell Houston, and Master SGT. Tim "Griz" Martin. SFC Matt Rierson was killed after the battle by a mortor round the next day. The following Nightstalkers (Blackhawk pilots) gave their lives to help the people of Somila and to keep world peace: CWO Donovan Briley, CWO Raymond Frank, and CWO Cliff "Elvis" Wolcott (Sry i'm not the greatest at spelling and making this sound good but i'm only 12 and I truly thank the people that gave their lives for world peace and Somila) I salute these men. Killed, wounded, or un-harmed. :salute:
  2. For what system? X-Box? If so then whats R3 and L3?
  3. Well i'm not shure bout that but my theroy is that just iscase one team gets all KIA or pinned down then they second group can help out...I never do that though...Every time I rent it I never play that...I always play online and for the X-Box version when you press the right thumbstick it to scope in or out...Back to the Alpha and Brovo thing...Does PS2 have the thing where you press one of the left triggers or some button that puts up a map? Cause if you do and you at the very top what I used to do is I would command team Brovo to an objective place and I would follow them so it is kinda of like just going out as JUST team Alpha or JUST team Brovo but with 6 people. But when all of them die, then you get no more men...I think that it gets the missions done quicker. But thats only my strat. 'Cause when your running then usually one of your team mates someone starts shooting at a Georgian or Russian Rebel then you can keep going and take on whats up ahead and then the rest of the team will either follow you or keep on going. It's a good start but I know almost all the levels off by heart e.g. where the rebels are so I really dun even need to do that
  4. Just a while ago I was looking on www.ranger.org and I found the compleat list of causes of death, names, etc. from Opertion: Iraqi Freedom and then I found all the weapons they used in Operation: Iraqi Freedom and I found the M82 Sniper rifle and I went to look it up and I found some disturbing info Is that really true? I mean it MIGHT be able to shoot 10.5 miles but whats the point unless the have some amazing scope that can see that far. But if it really could do that then it must be like 9 feet long to shoot that far and blow up armourned vehicles.
  5. Well in 9 or 10 days another game will be comming called Ghost Recon: Island Thunder but it's kinda a diff game...like there in Cuba instead.
  6. Well any army. Weither it's the Canadian Armed Forces, U.S. military, British Army etc.
  7. Well actually now that I have played Ghost Recon: Island Thunder my new fav specialisation is Support with the 7.62 DP
  8. Well ty I actually was thinking about the Brittish army and SAS...my friend and I were tlaking bout that yesterday. But now that i've seen this forum and talked to you guy (for some reson that sounded like I was quiting the forum... but i'm not ) anyways I think I will stick with the idea od joining the Canadian Armed Forces, but Piccolo made a huge point and I think that iswhat i'll end up doing thanks man..by the way is there anyone eles that is thinking of joining an Army?
  9. I know I want to become a U.S. ranger but in the end i'll probally join the Canadian Armed forces and talk to my recruiter about joining a Canadian speical forces.
  10. What are these clans...are they for Ghost recon? It's not that I want to join one but it would be nice to know. Thanks.
  11. Alright thats cool man....When I get X-Box Live my gamer tag will probally be Rebel Lawn Gnome or Lawn Gnome or somthing like that...I just got one question...for X-Box Live do you need a hub for it?
  12. I have to say Black Hawk Down, Tears of the Sun (witch I own and never stop watching ) and I'm gunna have to say I liked the movie We Were Soldiers...But I don't really like mel Gibbison..lol it's funny though cause in all his movies he loses someone important or "speical"
  13. Anyone here have X-Box Live? If you do when Ghost Recon: Island Thunder comes out i'll have a Co-Op match with one or some of you...I can't play againsted ppl cause I suck too much at at so anyways if you want to have a match just ask and i'll be willing to play...(I don't have X-Box live YET...but i'm getting it in exactly 13 or 20 days and I will only be renting the game not buying)
  14. Good point Piccolo. Well I kinda ment to say that I would like to move to the U.S. I never ment that I was going to I would like to move to the U.S. but I highly doubt that I will...I'm still young so I have no idea what i'll be doing. But in the end I will probally end up in the Canadian Armed Forces. But my idiol was a Ranger, and besides I love to go onto army sites and read about certin opperations that have taken place that were closed to the plubic. But yeah I think I just made myself look like a ######...even though I am so i'll just shut up now and wont speak for a bit.
  15. Is there anyone on this board that is in any Army? I know i'm not right now....i'm only 12 and I live in Canada...When I grow older (AFTER grade 12) I will be moving to the U.S. and join the army and will talk to my recruiter about joining the U.S. Rangers.
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