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  1. I'd sign up...if I had a clan. hehe..Anyone need a clan mate?
  2. hmm...I don't like the idea of giving that "TOTAL WAR" feeling...GR is a spec op game...I want a spec op feel to it...
  3. every player needs the files to see your custom faces. and the platoons are "teams"...when you choose team 1 in the mutiplayer screen you get platoon 1.
  4. you have 2 options" 1. You can just replace the default atr files with your modified ones (i suggest you use a mod for this instead of just overwriting). If you do this, you have a maximum of 4 different characters (since there are only 4 classes). 2. You can add your own classes by creating your own actor, and modifying the kit restriction file to accomadate the new actors. Make sure you check the restrictions or your actors won't show up. To see your custom actors, select the restriction file that contains the new actor entries. BTW...i think the restricti
  5. Just a note, if you make a skin as a mod then everyone who plays with you will need that mod. Or if you just replace the original skin with the your own, then no one will be able to see it except for you. If you check the MP actor files you'll see tags like <DesertLOD1>ica_us_rifleman_desert.chr</DesertLOD1> Now you have to find that character file and use GR character skinner (at least thats what i think its called) to apply your skin.
  6. i agree...the m4s are over done...so are all the armalite variants. I just started modelling and i'm trying to make some rare weapons that aren't in many mods yet. If you can dig up my old thread i think i have a pic my my sl8 in there. I'm still trying to figure out how to take all my textures and turn it into one map, can anyone help me out with that?
  7. I'm having some trouble mapping the scope. Should i be mapping it across or vertical? I tried mapping it across and all I get are lines running across the scope. I'm using 3dmax by the way. thanks in advance
  8. that gun is suppose to be a sl8, so far its got 881 polys
  9. This is my first attempt at modelling, I'm having some weird problem with the thumbhole stock after i used face extrude. Oh yea.. can someone tell me how you map textures to a model? I know how to map just colors, but how do you map a texture so its in the right spot?. btw...can someone point me to a mapping tutorial for 3dmax?
  10. ...how can u compare AA:SF and GR anyways the maps in AA aren't even close to the size of the ones in GR. Sorry...but I don't play GR for CQB, i like the nice wide open spaces.
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