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  1. Thank you so much man and yes i really wanted it to work so glad it was an easy fix! i hope it helps other people
  2. Hello everyone that reads this and might have encountered the same problem! First i would like to say that it was me who wrote to rocky and asked for help because i Could not get this mod to work properly with the steam version of ghost recon. However i am very happy to announce that i was able to solve the problem myself and i will now share the solution and how i found the problem. I was sure it had to be some problem with the differences of the original game path and the steam game path, But i was unsure on how to fix it! Then when i installed War of Infamy from the mod collection
  3. Sorry for my late reply! MarkShot's mod worked perfectly! however i had no clue you had to put the addons in the mods folder and activate them as a mod! i had to give it a try and of chourse it worked aswell! i was editing the files before! Big thanks to you and Markshot, he provided many other useful and nice mods for heroes unleashed!
  4. Oh my god man you are a damn Saint sent from heaven! i will pm you Right after i finish writing this thank you So very much in advance !!!!!!
  5. Can anyone help me with getting the Legacy Binoculars to work? i put the files from the HU Legacy Binoculars in the right folders and than edit the Strings.txt, But my soldiers still only holster/puts away weapons! Please if anyone have an idea i really love this mod and been able to modify it to my liking with kill confirm messages, legacy uniforms but the binoculars wont work and i really miss having them on each soldier : (
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