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  1. hey, mission 22, neutralize vehicle pool it doesn't complete.. 1 apc and 3 jeeps neutralized but nothing.. i runnen around 10 times around the map (teams disperced) and there is nothing left to neutralize!! i'm i missing something?
  2. hey apexmods, first of all great job on your mod! i'm a soldier myself and love the things you've done! BUT as a soldier i know the improtance of communication in battle and that's laking from your mod. Scenario: the squads Alpha, Bravo and Charlie are moving forward in line, when suddently a soldier (PC) says that he's seen the enemy. I've got no idea as to who saw the enemy an were he saw them. (frustrating!!!) With the original GR you could see a red spot on the command map as where your teammate is seeing the enemy. The spot would fade when your guy doesn't have a visual any more. In real life that's done by speaking, "one รก clock, two tango's at 200m" for example. So that a major irritation for me cause without that you can't really play realisticly. I hope you can do something with this, cause it would make it even more realistic.
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