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    8:21pm(GMT +9) on the 27th.
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    Dan does not these products. Dan does not want this PM.
  3. http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/310/ship2qr3.jpg http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/salvag...1089384735.html
  4. its based on the book I am Legend, same as the old I am Legend and Omega man. This I am Legend is more based off Omega man than the book tho.
  5. this thread needs more pictures of skids, asap. Battery, were the americans smart enough to put it in the boot in that era of car? I doubt it, but its worth a lewk....
  6. Calling others names is not accepted here and you know that Dan. And since that post had no other content, the entire post was deleted. pfff ryan knows i have nothing but love for him
  7. my first post after....some...months gets deleted, mmm grnet hasnt changed. I shall replace it, with this
  8. IIRC there are some Western Digital Raptors with clear covers, so you can watch the 10,000RPM goodness.
  9. his best? big call. Pi was awesome and Requiem changed the world forever. I cant wait until its out down here
  10. the question you must ask, is does it do good skids?
  11. hahah sartilles finally changed his name to sart. good times, good times.
  12. great news, congrats to everyyyyyone!
  13. my threads > * Merry xmas all.
  14. sairus: whats the heavy machine gun there? looks like an MG42 :S
  15. there has been a greek GRNET irc network for ages.
  16. RIP mark porter Sad end to a pretty good bathurst, best of luck to Clark and Radisich
  17. full article http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=2504508&page=1
  18. http://www.racegarden.com/video-show.html?video_id=56 montage of renault crashes, nothing to feral, but you see the old dude fend the car off with his hands.
  19. then there was Group B rally, where cars just killed people...
  20. ill grab it off the bum some time in the next couple of days, then ill break out the camera Its a great thing to have i rekon, i got it because i have a large of amount of TV shows, would take a stupid amount of DVDs to give them to my friends, so i just thought this would be an easy way to share Also going to be handy for backing up prior to a format, of if i have any large files i need to take to university etc.
  21. err mine is a Vantec NexStar 3 PATA with USB 2.0, no firewire. http://www.vantec.com.tw/_en/01_product/03...id=60&id=36 The power brick has Welland written on it, i know they make enclosures as well, so this might be rebranded. The drive is a WD 80gb IDE i got 2nd hand a while back, i never used it until now, dont know what the previous owner did to it. Some things i noticed: ************************** Good: Pretty simple to get it all together, didnt take long and wasnt overly annoying. Instructions were good, with diagrams and minimanl engrish. Aluminum feels weighty and strong, feels like it can take a bashing. Not as big/bulky as it looks either Nice long 2 part power cord (small connecter -> brick -> 2 prong common shaver plug -> wall) note: that is for aus 240v, US might have a diff powerpack setup. Everything feels good when it plugs in, doesnt feel like its going to fall out. Had no dramas plugging it in and formatting the drive (XP SP2) USB 2.0 is fast enough for me, baring in mind im using it for music/videos transfer/backup, not everyday storage. Not so good: The finish scares me, it looks like its going to get scratched to death at the drop of a hat. A friend of mine has it now, so when i get it back ill go over and look for damage. Mine is blue, and they all have the same high gloss/mirror finish. It might be tough, i dunno, just looks like its going to scratch/ scuff very easily. The rear panel where the ports/swicthes are has a plastic insert with "USB" and "power" written on it etc, its already coming off at one end, points to dodgy build quality. To install the drive, you screw it to the a bottom plate, that has the back (end with the ports on it) attached, you then slide the casing with the front end over the top. you then screw the front plate to the inside, and its locked tight. The screw holes on the inside plate were very dodgy, and i couldnt use a small precision screwdriver to turn them in, i had to use one on my swiss army knife, cork screw style, to get it right. Crazy Epilectic Blue activity LED under the Vantec logo might get annoying, especially in the dark. USB cable coulddddd be longer, and the vertical stand feels like cheap crappy plastic, but thats just me whinging. ******************** Also remember it needs mains power to run. If you want a drive to go soley off USB, i think you're going to want a 2.5 lappy drive. Costs for the enclosures are less, but the drives are slow and expensive When i get it back i can take some pics of what im on about if you like, as well as some size comparisons etc? Thus far, i have been happy with it. Ive gotten an old pencil case to carry it around in, keep everything bundled nicely. Also note i put no thought into this purchase. I looked for the cheapest external enclosure i could buy locally on a friday afternoon, and it happened to be at a shop my mate works at. Had a quick word to him, and he cut the price by $10+ for me (down to $43.20AUD ) Paid the man, and went on my way, job done in about 35 minutes.
  22. bought one 2 days ago, stuck an 80gb WD hdd in it, so far, havnt had any drama. I think the build quality is pretty crap, but aslong as it doesnt eat my drive i dont care.
  23. i have the mind of a child...
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