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  1. If anyone wants to run this with me or with their own squad and let me know what yall think. I am currently working on another multi objective mission. Possibly longer and maybe more difficult than this one.
  2. good read Had typed up my own wall of text but deleted it. A solution for flying, which some people actually like the controls, would be to have an advanced flying toggle. Camo brightness is another gripe of mine where some is very dark and others are very bright. Lack of a full Ghillie Suit, i.e. covering the backpack as well, is another gripe. Unable to remove Back pack is another gripe. Bullet drop in this game is way to severe to be realistic, but any of you know this. Would be nice to get relatively realistic ballastics and mre powerful scopes for sniper rifles. Like the idea of customizing your ai squads gear and the idea of a more linear story line possibly focusing on one arm of the cartel at a time. Story does feel a little disjointed if you bounce a around but even focusing on one arm at a time feels disjointed too. As stated it would be nice if taking out certain people actually had some effect in the world. I.E. Neutralizing General Maro would cause UNIDAD to leave you alone unless invading or being hostile towards them and being more agreesive towards santa blanca.
  3. @Rocky maybe in the form of an unofficial competition where players/teams can post up times and restrictions. Similar to the hitman mechanic but more honor system. Problem is something like that would need some Standards for types of play: I.E. Ultra Sim Extreme Difficulty No Hud Display Sim Mod Extreme Difficulty Limited Hud -Mini Map Ok -No Ammo -No Indicators Simulation Extreme Difficulty Limited Hud -Mini Map Ok -Ammo Ok -Indicators Ok So a team could be like we completed ESR on Sim Mod in 25min
  4. @Rocky essentially yeah that is the idea. It just so happened this area sorta worked out this way because of the proximity of the outposts and what not so I don't think all missions that I, or others for that matter, can come up with are going to be long and reletively seemless like this one. I have a couple other missions in mind that I am jotting ideas down just takes time to come up with missions. Took me a couple of days or a week to come up with this one.
  5. Like some or most of you I have maxed leveled and collected everything. So I decided to come up with a custom mission, game, or scenario to play with other players. Totally doable with AI squad but that isn't any fun but as this is written it is untested with other players. I would like to find some players to test this mission out and see how it plays and see if any changes need to be made. I am on XBone so if anyone wants to try this out with me send me a message to KlownSnypr and I'll shoot you an invite. In the meantime enjoy the read and the wall of text and let me know what you think. Espiritu Santo Rescue Briefing: La Santera has been neutralized; Santa Blanca operations in Espiritu Santo have almost have come to a halt. Minor Spiritual Leaders (MSL) of the Santa Muerte cult are struggling with the insurmountable task of reigning in the chaos after the loss of their priestess. Morale within the cult is falling faster than a whore going down on her knees. The MSLs are having an especially hard time keeping the most devout followers from retaliating against the local populous. This is where you come in. These followers have somehow, in their blood rage, managed to capture some of Kat26’s HVT and their support staff. Sloppy of these rebels to let themselves be captured by such a reckless band of halfwits I know but that isn’t even the best part. These followers plan on having a ceremony in La Santera’s home to, get this, sacrifice the HVTs to Santa Muerte herself so the Skinny Lady will bring back their Priestess. Normally this would be a matter for the locals to handle however given our allegiances, the ranking of these HVTs within Kat26, and the number of sicarios in the area Kat26 quite frankly does not have the training to pull off a rescue attempt of this scale. You are tasked with infiltrating the area, rescue the HVTs and any Kat26 members you may find, and further disrupting Santa Blanca operations in the area where you can. Insertion: Start in the city of Villa Verde in the Villa Verde Province. Once in Villa Verde commandeer: A boat, one should be at the dock near the fast travel spawn, and head North East along the river. Some ways up the river you will come across the mouth of a stream that is roughly 750 meters South East of the first objective (Alta Gracia Mine). Disembark the boat around the mouth of the stream and proceed on foot to the first objective. A Plane from the Villa Verde Airport, roughly 450 meters South East from the fast travel spawn. Fly north towards the city of Alta Gracia specifically the North Western most corner of the city. Once you have reached this point change heading due East to fly over the objective. Keep a relatively high altitude to avoid suspicion and allow the plane to crash at a sufficient distance as to not raise alarm. Once over the objective bail out of the plan and insert by parachute in the hills North West of the first objective. A Car, one should be near the fast travel spawn, and drive to the rebel safe house in the city of Alta Gracia. To get to the rebel safe house take the first road (dirt) on the right and then take the next right past a Santa Maria statue and garden. Disembark the vehicle and head North East towards the first objective past the stream. Objectives: Alta Gracia Mine – Espiritu Santo Gold depository Santa Blanca in the area store their gold here so blocking access to this precious mineral would set back operations in this area big time. Clear area of hostiles and set C4 to the support pillars within the main cavern of the mine. Once set evacuate mine and set off charges then are after securing airfield. 2. Alta Gracia Outpost – Alta Gracia Airfield Santa Blanca uses this Airfield to fly gold in and out of the area. They also use this airfield to allow pilgrims faster travel to La Santera’s Chapel up the hill. Taking over this airfield would severely cripple movement of Santa Blanca in this province. Clear Area of Hostiles. Once Airfield has been secured call in rebel reinforcements to hold the airfield before proceeding onto the next objective. Set off C4 if you haven’t already (optional) free any rebels you may find 3. Espiritu Santo Communications Dish (optional if available) "does not affect going loud restriction listed below" This communications building provides fast and more direct communication within the province and with the other provinces. Taking out this communications dish would deal a severe blow to the organizational efforts within Espiritu Santo as well as requesting additional reinforcements. Clear Building of hostiles 4. Espiritu Santa Chapel Outpost – Buchon Support Camp Just down the hill from La Santera’s Home and Chapel is the Support camp. Here is where we are guessing sicarios are keeping the support staff for the HVTs. This camp is rather remote, therefore not strategically important, but does provide a sizable support force for the sicarios just up the hill. It would be wise to take out these sicarios before heading up the hill. Clear Area of Hostiles Once area is clear of hostiles release any Kat26 members you may find imprisoned 5. Espiritu Santo Chapel & La Santera’s Home Sicarios on pilgrimage make their way here to pray, complete their pilgrimage, and start their pilgrimage with La Santera’s guidance and blessing. That being said it is unknown how many sicarios could be at the chapel. Within La Santera’s home there should be anywhere from 5 to 7 guards as well as external patrols so expect heavy resistance. Clear the Chapel of hostiles Clear La Santera’s Home of hostiles Search La Santera’s Home for the HVTs Once the area is clear release the HVTs Call in Rebel Reinforcements Leave chapel by vehicle or on foot to complete mission Mission Failure Scenarios: If any teammate bleeds out or flat out dies that is a mission failure If any of the HVTs are killed that is a mission failure Gameplay Restrictions: Players may go loud or stay silent during this mission. However once “Engaged” mission must be completed loud Time: No restriction or requirement Time Completion: No requirement Difficulty Level: Advanced or Higher HUD: No restriction or requirement Rebel Ops: Spotting: Can only be used by Recon Mortars: Can only be used by Support Diversion: Can only be used by Rifleman G4H: Not allowed Vehicle: Not allowed Player Classes: 1 of Each Rifleman: Only class that can revive support Equipment: Primary AR Max mag size (30 rnd) No GL attachment No other Restrictions Secondary SMG or Shotgun, no attachment restrictions. Throwables: Frag and Flashbang only Combat Engineer/ Sapper: Only Class allowed to Deploy C4 Equipment: Primary AR w/ Iron Sights or Red Dot GL Attachment Max mag size (30 rnd) No other Restrictions Or SMG No Restrictions Secondary SMG or Shotgun No Restrictions Throwables: C4, Frag, and mines only Support: Only Class allowed to revive Equipment: Primary LMG No Restrictions Or AR Iron Sight or Red Dot only Long Barrel Required 50 Rnd Mag required No other Restrictions Secondary SMG or Shotgun No Restrictions Throwables: Frags or Flashbangs only Sniper / Recon: Only Class allowed to use drone, specifically recon or noisemaker only. Primary Sniper Rifle or DMR only No restrictions Secondary SMG No Restrictions Or AR CompM4, ACOG, or Panoramic Sight Foregrip Max mag size (30 rnd) No rail attachment Throwables: Flaregun or Lure only Espiritu Santo Rescue.docx
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