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  1. I just got this setup and tested it using Halo2. The cool thing is you can use your xbox360 as long as it has an external hard drive. Basically I have my xbox 360 wireless and my Laptop wired to the same router. I set the port forwarding on my router for both my laptop and xbox I then turned off my firewall on my laptop. Note my laptop is ######ty being used for just this.


    I can help anybody set this up via TeamViewer, I followed this setup with a different setup. I am ready to play OGR, island thunder GR2 summit strike anybody else


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  2. Hey are you guys playing this 3/31 weekend. If so which Ghost Recon. I am an console guy but will go ahead and try PC just need a few tips.

    I have a macbook pro i7 16 gig running windows I also have a Beast of a server that I run VMs on. I think the mac should be fine. I would like to start playing OGR again.

    Has anybody tried Xlink Kai for console 

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