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  1. This Saturaday 5/6/17 at 8:30 EST they are having Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike. Come and have some fun
  2. Nobody showed. I will start another game tomorrow night again around 9 pm EST. Ping me if you want to play. I will help you set up your Xbox. If you need to buy an original xbox buy a softmod one on EBay for 125 bucks and you can play emulators plus store xbox games on the Hard drive
  3. Going to open this room up again tonight on XLINK KAI. OGR LMS 9 PM EST https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=xboxkaifam@gmail.com&ctz=America/New_York&pli=1
  4. shutting it down. I had a few games but nothing great. Only one on one for a few matches.
  5. This is on xbox xlink Kai. will shut it down if nobody shows up by 9 pm EST.
  6. anybody interested at all.
  7. I never play sony playstation but I did just buy Socom2 and looking for a cheap PS2 slim.
  8. I just got this setup and tested it using Halo2. The cool thing is you can use your xbox360 as long as it has an external hard drive. Basically I have my xbox 360 wireless and my Laptop wired to the same router. I set the port forwarding on my router for both my laptop and xbox I then turned off my firewall on my laptop. Note my laptop is ######ty being used for just this. I can help anybody set this up via TeamViewer, I followed this setup with a different setup. I am ready to play OGR, island thunder GR2 summit strike anybody else
  9. I was playing this game last night but nobody on live. Does anybody open private rooms and still playing????
  10. Hey are you guys playing this 3/31 weekend. If so which Ghost Recon. I am an console guy but will go ahead and try PC just need a few tips. I have a macbook pro i7 16 gig running windows I also have a Beast of a server that I run VMs on. I think the mac should be fine. I would like to start playing OGR again. Has anybody tried Xlink Kai for console
  11. I haven't played this game in years and would like to play it again. I only played this on xbox live. What do I need to play with you guys. How many and often do you guys play OGR
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