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  1. Its not modding, at best its narrative reconfiguration. IF this game had modding then I would be able to create something special.
  2. That is a cool video. I just wish they had some form of modding in this game. Then it would easily be the best GR game of all time.
  3. Witcher 3 is the best RPG ever made. And it has two great DLCs as well. Meeting the 3 Crones for the first time is something you will never forget.
  4. Maybe I made it too hard. What is the issue?
  5. Changed the restrictions image to allow for the feedback on Ammo & Items on the HUD. Thanks for the great response. It feels good to know people are enjoying it. Wildlands can be a great GR game with a little tweaking.
  6. Thanks. Hopefully people play it and give me some feedback.
  7. Hi guys attached is a mission expansion I have worked on. Hope you like it. Its very challenging if you follow the restrictions.
  8. A brilliant idea. GRW is a huge play space. When we cant mod we can use our imagination to construct missions and even campaigns through this idea.
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