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  1. SUGGESTION: Gonna knock this out in one suggestion, a. being able to play as a lone wolf in offline mode or when the lobby is empty except for yourself would be nice. Or even better, in my opinion, be able to pick how many CPU ops you would like to play with. b. as someone who likes to play with an offline character as well as an online character, for offline play, being able to customize your teams loadouts would be both helpful and aesthetically pleasing.
  2. ONLINE GAMEPLAY SUGGESTION: When playing online, I found out the hard way that completing someone else's mission also completes your mission. Thus, it was only after beating two bosses on another players mission line that I realized that I was completing boss missions without even touching any of the set up missions. Possibly, if there was someway to specify matchmaking preferences to correlate with how far into the story you are, I think it would aid in making lobbies more friendly to story enthusiasts.
  3. SUGGESTION: If you're playing SOLO and trying to play without the HUD on, you are unable to sync shots without markers on. One suggestion I have is that, in the HUD settings, markers be split up into categories so that a player can choose to have just enemy markers on (to allow for sync shots) or have location markers on or both. Also, some sort of compass would be nice so I don't have to look through the binoculars or go to the map instantly.
  4. This forum is to just drop either suggestions or bugs that players come across to help out the developers with future patches and updates. NOTE: Would like to go out there as say I have much love for this game and this forum was only created with the sole purpose of helping, rather than criticizing. That said, I do hope that members of the Ghost Recon Dev team take some, if any, of these ideas into consideration as well as offer feedback to help us better understand the process and the game. ..Keep calm & Ghost on
  5. Natenite, I'm 100% down to try this. Been trying to find someone to play this game on a tactical level. Also love the idea of roles. That's something I've also been wanting to do but it's hard enough to get people who wanna play tactically. I'm sure we can run through the first few missions and figure out what HUD components absolutely need to be on. Lemme know what's up. Hopefully we can get a full squad. Gamertag: BE3MO (pronouced bmo)
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