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  1. 'Sup? I recently bought the game after enjoying the Beta, but I'm tired of joining public lobbies full of people who won't use voice comms! I love tactical shooters which require solid teamwork, and it would be great to find a bunch of guys and gals who like to kick back, shoot the ###### and crush this game. I'm a pure PC gamer on a UK GMT-0 timezone. I have full voice comms, a decent PC rig and a fast broadband connection. Never been great with online dating profiles, but I'm a British 22 year old who likes long walks on the beach and smack talking people. Away from the keyboard I work full time in law enforcement and find video games to be a good way of satisfying my work-related need to shoot things. I like tactics and strategy and will fit well in teams who like to mix the social with a thorough, immersive gameplay experience. If interested please feel free to swipe right... or just PM me. Best wishes, Tom / FinalCatharsis
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