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  1. Now I remember which one that is. Pain in the ass. He always got in a car and drover away and every time I damagedid the car enough for it to stop he would jump out and get hit by a car lol. Happened 4 times before I finally got it. He was such a dumbass.
  2. Which province is that one? What console are you on? My mic is broke but I could help tonight of you are on Xbox one.
  3. There is a big difference between the way Unidad reacts to you depending on whether you are in a 1-3 difficulty province or in a 4-5 difficulty. I have been clearing the provinces in difficulty order and when I finally got to monocoyo I was speeding along on my motor bike and passed a unidad soldier on the side of the road. In the lower difficulties i would barely get suspected but this time he somehow managed to catch up, ram me off the road and proceed to machine gun me from the turret. Lol i was like what the hell. Not complaining but was suprised to say the least.
  4. I'm a gun whore so I usually go for the weapons cases first and do whateverything story missions are around those areas. I have cleared 4 provinces of all medals, weapons and accessories.
  5. Pretty much the same. I can still stand in front of a supply box and not have the action icon come up until I stand in the exact spot it wants me.
  6. Pretty good, wiped out every sic Arion I could find in itacua now moving on to occoro tonight. Haven't encountered any major bugs yet.
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