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  1. Phantom...aaaah! hi buddy....aaaaah. Sorry, I didn't see yer message, eyesights going.....aaaah. GR runs beautifully on ma CRT but don't tease me pal.....aaaaah not just after spending £295 on a LCD. cough, choke...aaaaah. M.
  2. Aaaaah! I'm dying here, haven't pulled a trigger for days now. Somebody! anybody! Please help me........uH aaaaaah. It hurts to talk. M.
  3. All is not lost! I've still got my CRT and, better still, the GF4400 supports 2 monitor connection, if I get really desperate. I read the stuff on CRT Vs LCD in About.com. See what yer saying! But as the guy points out, there are pros and cons and, while I can see the difference it, its not significant enough to dissapoint. GR still looks good, WHEN ITS RUNNING PROPERLY!!!!! On that point, depending on which mission I select it has initially displayed more or less correctly for a second or two and then corrupts. The intro on Desert Seige also show less corruption than the menus and in
  4. Hi Phantom, I'll admit I'm not totally familiar with LCD techs and I'll look at the link you've provided. Maybe it will provide an answer to my colour corruption prob. The LCD - PC link is standard 15 pin. The manual states supported modes are:- 640x480@60/70Hz through to 1280x1024@60/70/75Hz From this is I assume it can operate at any of these levels so, in the GF 4400TI settings I've set monitor refresh at 75Hz and resolution at 1152x864. It looks fine to me, image is steady with no flickering. Ok, the CRT would take 80Hz refresh but see no difference. I used to run my C
  5. Yeah, ok Phantom. Yer just trying to get me worrying but we have the same technology TV and that's been ok to-date. Think of it this way: I don't have an electron gun firing photons at me anymore and a lot more space on ma desk. Anyway, this is interesting but it isn't solving ma problem. Whatever the cause it's in the GR software cos, as I said, I can run the AVI's (intro, outro etc) outside GR in MS Media Player with NO corruption and nothing else is producing this problem. M.
  6. Thanks Snake but, since I originally installed the MSI GF card I've reformatted and installed XP, fresh several times for other reasons. There won't be anything of MSI driver software on my system. I tend to go with the official nvidia drivers or, now and again, the latest version if the write-ups are positive as at the moment eg. 44.67. M.
  7. Hi supa, No, 44.67 are neither Nvidia's or MSI's but the problem is the same with 44.03's loaded. M.
  8. Update: Significant or not? The movies (intro, outro etc) play perfectly if I run them in Media Player outside the game!! (these are all colour corrupted in the game) M.
  9. Yes indeedy, LCD's are worth a look, especially if yer willing to pay more than I did. As for plasma, well I'm not Bill Gates so suppose I'll wait 5 years for the price to come down. I've read that plasma TV's are experiencing reliability problems. I don't think the technology is fully perfected yet and I've certainly not seen one that was small enough to sit on my desk for use with ma rig. Whilst we're on the subject, some guys at Cambridge University, UK have developed LEP (Light Emitting Polymers) screens. These polymers can be sprayed on a substrate eg. a sheet of paper, plastic etc
  10. Thanks for the suggestions people, appreciate your interest. Phantom, LCD's do have refresh rates and mine can deal with 50 - 75Hz. I have 75Hz selected in the GF 4400 setup. I also used to think that LCD's were inferior to CRT's for fast action gaming but technology has moved on and this GNR F173 17" is pretty good. (20ms response) Perhaps not 100% as good as my old CRT for overall screen clarity but you get what yer pay for! £295 for a 17" LCD is a very good price. Loads of space on my worksurface now and practically no electromagnetic emissions! (I was getting headaches occassiona
  11. Hi, Just replaced CRT monitor with an LCD version. All good except GR is experiencing colour corruption. That is blacks are coming up pink or mauve and other colours are completely wrong. Tried reverting to previous graphics driver, different resolutions, 16 bit colour, in game and system settings but no luck! This is only happening with Ghost Recon !!!! Sys spec. Windows XP Home SP1 & latest patches MSI KT4V m/b Athlon 2 Ghz cpu 512Mb PC2100 DDR ram MSI GF 4400TI graphics accelerator (Detonator 44.67) Sound Blaster Live Platinum 5.1 DX9 C:\ 29 Gb, D:\ 19Gb, E:\ LG DVD
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