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  1. I'm not a score nuerotic I'm only interested in what the graphics look like and smooth, fluid frame transition. I'm looking for cinematic quality graphics and if that comes with 35 fps then I will be very happy. Det 45.24 look ok to me. M.
  2. Hi para, I've got one of these 'grey' faults too. My system does a CTD/reload at random intervals. The MS fault analysis ALWAYS says it's a driver!! but never which one. Everything in the system checks out and updating to the latest drivers and patches seems to make no difference. I've looked at heat but hot or cold weather (and we've been getting some hot stuff recently!) makes no difference either. My Athlon's been running at 62/64 recently!! There's also no apparent correlation in the software being run. Graphics intensive or plain word processing. I must admit I'm running
  3. I've had long standing issues with Creative drivers so I tried the KX set............No difference! They worked but so does the SB driver issues dated 31.08.2001 (3509.1.00) and EAX and Surround Sound and Dolby 5.1 encoding. M.
  4. Bill, yer got a lot to answer for bro! M.
  5. Hi, Taking a leaf out of Phanny's book I've been just reading the stuff that comes into this forum without offering any comment or opinion. And we come to Direct X !! It's interesting the way peeps skirt around DX as if it was an unexploded bomb. A prod here and there to see if it will react. Lots of heresay and rumour about how it will blow up yer system, convert everything to Chinese or produce cinematic quality graphics. I've always installed the latest when its arrived, on Win98 or XP. Perhaps I've just been very fortunate? Admittedly, I skipped everything in between Win98S
  6. Yeah, well I've had Broadband direct from BT now for 3 months and no complaints. I did however, buy my own router modem and filters and install. Typical d/l is around 55Kbps but I have been up tp 72kbps!! only one significant service outage when a major router went out in the Midlands in the first week. M.
  7. Hi Saint, My DTT3500 amp connects into the LiveDrive digital interface and the test is the one on the surround mixer speaker window that individually test each speaker position. Tell yer what I've just done! I searched back through a file where I keep all downloads and found a driver issue:- SBLive51XPDrvUpdate.exe dated 14.05.2003 at 9,067Kbs. I uninstalled the current one and installed this one and it gave a clean install!! Everything is working and I'm getting Dolby 5.1 decoding on PowerDVD. Yeah! M.
  8. As its gone a bit quiet (some might not think so!) I thought I'd raise a long standing irritation of mine. Win XP Home SP1 etc. Sound Blaster Live Platinum 5.1 DX9b Cambridge Playworks DTT 3500 Digital amp/speaker system. When its working 100% its fantastic but most of the time the driver/AHQ/Surround mixer don't install properly. I've tried various version issues from Creative and occassionally, I get a 100% clean installation with everything functioning. Right now I'm not getting all speakers responding when I run the test. Also, I'm not getting Dolby 5.1 encoding with PowerDVD
  9. We're on the same frequency, I enjoy solving problems too but I'm often criticised for being impatient. It's is good to be in a position to help and learn from those with greater knowledge. Hope I can in the future. ps Don't knock your value to others. Modesty is a virtue but not if it prevents recognition where its due. M.
  10. Hi Phantom, Absolutely no problem with what you say, a logical and sensible approach to problem solving. (wish I'd thought of it!) Your passing reference to the CTD & missing files thread prompted me to comment. I was in IT for 23 years but mainframes/communications but I've been messing around with PC's since 89. Building, dismantling, problem solving etc. and accumulated a reasonable knowledge, admittedly, self taught but the principles and architectural components are common whether mainframe or PC. You probably have the edge due to what sounds like your commercial involveme
  11. Sounds like yer need to convince his parents guys! Puters are bit like cars, yer never win! They're constantly developing with better bells and whistles and after yer bought them they lose most of their value cos there's a faster one just come out etc. etc. You haven't got to spend £1200 ($2000) to get a puter that will run most current games and it should do all the standard stuff. If yer want to get clever, then add kit specific to your purpose eg. a video capture card if yer want bring in home video. A scanner if yer want document input and so on. Avoid low cost badged like th
  12. ET, I know what yer mean about XP. Although I wouldn't now go back to an earlier OS, XP Home has given me plenty to think about but overall, it does what I want it to do. Yer got to keep it patched but make sure yer understand what each patch does before installing it. They're not all beneficial!! I'm not trying to sell yer anything but I've always tried to keep up-to-date with ma graphics card and one of the big names. Although this means I can't always afford the latest it usually sees me through the next generation as the games producers can't roll out a new game everytime a new g
  13. Guten Morgen, Just read ET's DX diags!!! I don't mean to be rude but I find it hard to believe that GR could run without problems on a graphics card spec at that level. I could easily be wrong but I think yer got yer work cut out there, Phantom. M.
  14. Allo, One thing I like about this forum, if yer problem's interesting it get's a good airing and people are interested in making a contribution to help. M.
  15. Ooooh! You're just too sensible Phantom and I agree. But I wasn't offering a judgement on his financial status, that's for him to decide. I understood this was a technical forum and he was requesting technical advice. (Not that mine is necessarily correct, just what I'd do) I'll also admit to a dislike of 'on-board' stuff. M.
  16. Another ten pence worth:- I'll go with upgrade graphics card. GR may not be the most demanding game out there now, graphically, but it sure is penickerty? (what's that mean?) Be interested to know what our friend gets by way of image quality, fps etc. M.
  17. I'll drink to that (if you're buying) M.
  18. Hey Phantom, It's just a computer game, a good one but a computer game! I've probably not visited this forum (up until my LCD saga) since the early days of GR but it's still looks like many come in with problems WITHOUT first scanning the FAQS file and other compiled sources of GR wisdom. Mostly the same problems are still being dug up and turned over. I thought a reference file (containing all known issues and answers) was placed at the front of the forum many moons ago? M.
  19. Thanks pave, I thought I had a problem I didn't have! Phantom, I assume you don't need that info now? As I said, my GR runs AOK! M.
  20. Hiyall, My IKE log: ***** User's system configuration ***** CPU: AuthenticAMD 2003 MHz Recent AMD RAM: 512 MB O/S: Microsoft Windows 2000 5.1 Service Pack 1 build 2600 Ghost Recon (RELEASE) version = RSDisplayMgr::CreateGameWindow: Creating a 1024x768 window at 0,0 on monitor Plug and Play Monitor attached to NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4400 RSDisplayMgr::CreateGameWindow: Game running on primary display Plug and Play Monitor attached to NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4400 HAL (hw vp): NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4400 R5G6B5 RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file ike_fx_fire_t
  21. BIG THANKS to Scuff. He mailed me with same colour corruption on his CRT!!! He's just mailed me that he remembered he'd messed with colour correction/gamma in nview so he restored defaults and the problem has disappeared. I've just restored defaults also and my problem has disappeared. YES!!!! WAMMA LAMMA BOOM BANG!!!! I'm back in the frag. M.
  22. Hey, Phantom, I just had a message from a guy who's just experienced exactly the same problem on a similar system spec but on a CRT!!!! He says he was in multiplayer and ALT&F4'd out and OS crashed. His colours were bugge&@* when he rebooted and he can't find a fix. Interesting, innit? Mike.
  23. Thanks for yer help, anyway. Talk to yer again sometime, when I've got a LEP monitor maybe!! Mike. ps Or if I find an answer?
  24. Phantom, dear chap, Hey friend, don't take it so seriously, I'm just kidding. I will admit to becoming just a little pis*@x off with this colour corruption problem. I've looked at every aspect I can think of, in both system graphics and GR setup and I just don't see where the problem is and I can't get ma head around why it's only GR. It's got to be a GR setup or software condition. BTW, good suggestion(dual monitors) but this LCD takes an analogue input only (standard 15 pin) My graphics card does not support dual monitors either but I could easily plug the CRT back in if desperat
  25. Hi Phan.....choke. Your words are music to my ears pal but If I don't get a fix soon..(gasps for breath) I't'll be too late for me cos I'm getting to love ma LCD. She does everthything else I ask!!!!! Well almost, so I aint gonna abandon her now for an old fashioned fluesey who's got big and ugly in her old age, man. Yer Know Phantom, I'm beginning to feel better. I just got a feeling that something good is going to happen and ma LCD troubles are gonna leave me. You listening to me boy? I mean it's gonna get better!!! It's gotta! M.
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