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  1. I had to run a clean reinstallation of GRAW due to an issue with my graphics card. Started campaign all over again!!!!! Got to the top level in carpark (in Coup de'tat) and need to re-supply from the Blackhawk but the anti tank weapon is not in the list??? What's going on? Don't tell me I've got to do another reinstall!! Anybody had this? know how to fix it? Mike.
  2. I've been told, by an impeccable source, that GRIN are being patched and in future, will be known as 'A VAGUE SMILE'. Somebody suggested 'SMIRK' but that was thought to be too negative. Mike.
  3. Hi, Have u tried unbinding the mouse commands and assigning open X com and weapons list to keyboard keys? My mouse doesn't work on these, either! Mike.
  4. Had the same prob. but realised u bring up x com or weapons list with your chosen key THEN, u use 'P' or 'N' to move up and down the options, or whatever other keys u choose.!!!
  5. Thanks LT.INSTG8R, but I've tried that! Gonna update to an Audigy4 card today. Fed up with the probs I get with the Live card. I assume the Audigy will drive the Playworks DTT3500 system?
  6. Thanks guys, I'd just arrived at that conclusion and had run with the side cover off. Checked board temp and it was around 40C. Installed another case fan and it seems to have fixed the prob. It didn't stop there though!!! I had moved the Sound Blaster Live 5.1 card down a PCI slot to give the 850XT more air space. Now I can't get sound back! Had this problem many moons ago but a 'clean' reinstall got it going but not this time, so far Mike.
  7. I've mentioned this in another post but now it's becoming a major issue! AMD 2Gb 1.5Gb Memory ATI Radeon X850XT Running at 1024x768/75 Mhz Nothing higher than medium Getting random but complete break up of graphics. Reverted to Catalyst 6.2 and seemed to go away but now happening frequently. Only happening in GRAW! Appears to be corrupting in GRAW as a re-install cures it, till the next time!!! ALSO! that bl**dy Apache, in the palace objective,(mission 7 ?) keeps shooting my R's off. I have taken it down with my scar but has used most of my ammo. (I haven't been able to pi
  8. Mmm, guess you're having trouble playing GRAW in your system, aye kip? There are, undoubtably, aspects of the game that will satisfy some and not others. Add to that, the pressure on GRIN to produce a playable game to a deadline (second deadline) and it becomes obvious that things were left out. Let's see what the patch produces! There are several things that most agree with. The lack of options in MP, clumsy weapon selection, friendly AI's 'stupid moments', Capt Mitchell's 'superman' ability to take hits and, The need for many to upgrade hardware to get the best out of GRAW. Desp
  9. Hi, Ok, so not a cutting edge graphics card, YET! Not wanting or able, to upgrade my total system right now, I've just replaced the Radeon 9800 Pro with a Radeon X850XT. I'm now getting the flavour of what you guys with high end spec systems are experiencing. I'm still only on 1024 x 768 res and nothing set higher than medium but the game has become slicker (especially mouse aiming) and extra detail makes it much more enjoyable. Mike.
  10. I've gotta add my 'no go' experience with the patch. Tried both AND YES! it's a fully legal version of graw!! Ok Grin, how come some work and some don't? Mike. Great "friends", I'd kick then out of the clan anyway for being pirates. No problem with the patch, so far everything runs fine and have had no major issues (other than getting by butt kicked by guys speaking espanol, LOL)
  11. Just loaded the patch and GRAW is dead! Click on the exe. and nothing happens Anybody? [Post split and merged into existing correct thread]
  12. I stand corrected! It's important to note that these statements are untrue. I dislike scripted weapon capabilities and in GRAW you can use air support an any vehicle or gun emplacement. In the stealth mission "Mayday Mayday" for example, you are briefed to use it on specific AA (or is it arty) targets but there was a little APC with a .50 cal that was getting on my nerves so I called in air support and that showed him who's boss.
  13. Take a look at VIP 2 then go back out and position yourself behind one of the corner walls on the raised monument in the centre of the plaza. You can take out all the tangos, the APC and the tank from there, which leaves you free to go back in and pick up VIP 2 and take him to the Blackhawk. I found the next bit the hardest! I took cover on the right side of the big boulder/debri, next to where VIP2 was laying. You gotta be patient and keep out of the lines of fire most of the time. You can call in the Apache to take out the second tank and second APC but it still aint over. Then it's a
  14. Exactly! targets for air support are predetermined! I'm the man on the ground, shouldn't it be my decision? Regarding the Zeus, I issued a target command and got the response, "I haven't got a shot". Perhaps it was cos I didn't tell him to get out of the tunnel first? If so, that's disappointing that the AI can't work out that he's got to move to comply with the command. Ok, thanks on the ammo thing, I'll try a pickup. What do you mean? I know the air support only works for the assigned targets of the mission; but the Zeus itself can be used on anything from VBL's to
  15. As I play through more missions I'm liking weapons management less and less! Changing weapons is cumbersome and takes your concentration, usually when you need it most! I don't like being restricted as to when I can use a weapon or support service (the Zeus can only be used against a target that has been scripted) It doesn't work if you target something else! Same with air support etc. If I mess up and use up resources early it should be my decision and responsibility, as in reality. One other thing! Shouldn't there be more opportunities to replenish your ammo? I can't believe
  16. Hi, Yeah, took one of them out with my scar, took 4 mags though. Team mate got the first one with the Zeus but then got roasted by the other heli. Think your'e right! you gotta get out of the tunnel. I sheltered under the raised walkway where the heli's can't get a good bead on you but you can get good belly shots as they fly over. Now I'm on my own with the tanks and 1 mag and 8 rounds left!!! This is way ahead of GR1
  17. Er! Thanks guys but I've emptied 5 magazines into one of the Apaches, it smokes but doesn't go down!! As for equip another team member with a second Zeus, I can't!! it doesn't give me the choice! The Zeus isn't on the weapons list!
  18. Mission 6 Get to the other end of the tunnel to confront the Apaches. Only got one Zeus launcher and, apparently, only 1 missile! How dya take out 2 helis with 1 missile? Weapon selection at front of mission doesn't offer an extra Zeus. How dya get around that one? Mmm, thinking back, he caught the edge of an Apache missile blast, maybe he dropped the launcher? He didn't have it when he got up! Should he have more than one missile?
  19. Hi, Anyone help me out here or have I missed something? Mission 4, (Strong Point) and I get to the first waypoint (Rally Point) hit resupply but there's no C4 in the list!! Can't complete mission without C4 to destroy the bunkers Anyone? [Merged into existing thread - Please check before posting]
  20. Hi, GRAW is great to play and is def more demanding (for me anyway) than GR1 ever was but I'm getting really pi**ed off with 'putting in a 'memo request' for air strikes etc. whilst in the middle of a firefight. Somebody mentioned voice interraction! where's that? Probably my ineptitude but I seems like the enemy AI specifically targets Capt Mitchell. He appears to get more attention than his guys do, who btw, do some pretty stupid things. Like a few others, I've shot my own guys more than once cos they move in front of you willy nilly. I love calling for an airstrike though! Make
  21. Not gonna score it yet, still learning and I aint got a top spec rig that let's me wallow in the graphics but, from what I've seen, I reckon it's a worthy of the name, Ghost Recon. When the patches and mod guys do their work there will nothing to touch it, except GR4 maybe Nice job Grin. Mike.
  22. sliprock, you are a star! many thanks. btw, what was the prob? looked like it was specifying Intel! (I'm on AMD!) Mike.
  23. Hi, I've not seen this posted anywhere (perhaps I didn't look far enough?) but I'm getting a little pi**ed off after waiting for this for so long. Fedex just del the DVD! Started installation and it stopped on Setup error code 6001!!!!! Checked UBI site for questions and answers/faq....nothing! Tried to post a problem report, bloody useless! Anybody experienced this and know what the prob is? Please.
  24. Hi, just had notification from UBI, mine was shipped yesterday. Here tomorrow, maybe? A few posts back somebody suggested that the full game was smoother (optimised)? and lower spec rigs would run it better. Anybody else found that yet? I'm on:- Athlon 64 2Gb 1.5Gb RAM Radeon 9800 PRO Not too bad on lower settings but def need to upgrade Mike. ote=Danish1705,May 3 2006, 09:50 AM] My copy of GRAW will arrive not later then 17th May 2006. Cant wait to install and play. I also upgrade my rig. ---danish ←
  25. Hi, Had several bugs come up but I'm not disappointed! Biggest improvement I got was from disabling EAX! Don't like weapon changes in a menu, can get yer R's shot off while messing with that! Should be a single keystroke like GR1! Like many other ppl, found mouse movement frustating and unuseful at times. First time I blew the tanker up it blew up my rig (BSOD) had to reload but WOW! that's an explosion, aint it? Rig: 2Gb Athlon 1Gb memory Radeon 9800 Pro (Nothing set higher than medium at 1024 x 768/75.) I feel an upgrade coming on Drone doesn't wo
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