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  1. Ok, if the Scar L isn't available i'll take the 416 but it must have a scope! Iron site shooting is crude and isn't as accurate or fast to get on target. The scope's magnification is a great advantage too.
  2. In my humble opinion this is now the king of military sims. As somebody said a while back, it's [GR] with high tech frills. I'm on the last mission and have enjoyed every bullet, nade, airstrike, wound and lights out. It's magic There are a few niggles and the one's that bug me most are: random loss of sound, mostly the vid feed and both team and support items not responding to commands. Oh and yeah, NOT ENOUGH MISSIONS!!! Also, thanks Grin for the quicksaves, excellent!
  3. Give me a Scar L with silencer, scope and GL everytime, just love it.
  4. They certainly do exist! Not only team members but rescued individuals, the Mule and even the tank in ACTIII Joined Forces, frequently DO NOT RESPOND to commands.
  5. On the other hand, the next mission is a classic! You've gotta have eyes up yer hind quarters and even that doesn't save yer!!!
  6. I had some problems with Rosen not responding but I reloaded the last save game and he woke up! Observation: Don't know about anybody else but I found the Hussienda to be very poorly defended. It was easy to get in and wander about. As a mission it was not up to the standard of the others so far.
  7. The 'distance' that UBI appear to maintain from their customers surely does nothing to promote brand loyalty. To further aggrevate that by making such ill advised decisions can only mean one or two things. A) After GRAW2 hits the shelves UBI do not want to invest further in the product by long term support! B) They do not see the PC lasting for too much longer in it's present form! C) They don't consider that the genre has the potential to support a successful third Graw! I must admit, it's difficult to visualise what the theme for a third GRAW would be without it becoming just a
  8. Yes! First mission, nice but later has got a bit jerky But I'm probably pushing it at too high a res for my card (1950Pro) Excellent game though, aint it? Even on 'normal' I'm struggling to get passed a gun emplacement after taking out 4 roof snipers at a cross roads. Picked up the Mule at this point. It seems to want to do it the hard way!! There's a van in the road and instead of going around it the Mule tries to run over it with varying degrees of success I do like the ability to replenish from it though. Up to this point I'm stuck with a crap weapon instead of my favourite Sc
  9. That's a point I forgot to mention. Sound was good but occasionally went silent then returned!! (SB Live Plat 5.1)
  10. Allo Gringos Considering the mega download I was expecting/hoping for a longer demo Runs smoothly even on my 2Gb Athlon/1 Gb ram/ATI 1950Pro system! Graphics best I've seen except for Crysis trailers. Grin are good at this, definately a buy on the 12th Very nice but I have to agree with many of the comments so far. Team members responses a bit woolly at times. Enemy AI still not 100%. I also prefer FP helicopter insertion. Where's the cross hairs on the scope? Is night vision adjustable? It's way too bright for me, blinds me! I wouldn't be sorry if the blue circles
  11. Yeah, nice thought Roco. You quote US prices, here I'm looking at £750 ($1500) to upgrade quad cpu, 2Gb ram, m/b, 8800 etc. Won't be just yet
  12. Hi CO, That looks like it'll do the job Agent S, The 1950 is an interim measure to improve what my current system does in GRAW (and it does!) A system upgrade will include a current card but I haven't decided which yet. I'll not move to Vista until it's settled down a bit, maybe another 6 months?
  13. Hi Agent S, I think you've proved the point! You contribute AND your dad is a GEEK. Your spec is better than mine right now but I've been focusing on other things, financially speaking. Prior to the current system, I've upgraded around every 18 months. My current rig, with a Radeon 9800Pro, is over 3 years old but has been able to run GRAW acceptably with lower settings. the ATI1950Pro, I just installed, has improved that but a complete upgrade is inevitable. Soon I'm looking at:- Asus MR232 MVP AM2 940 DDR Athlon 64 x 2 6000+ 3Ghz 2 Gb PC4300 533Mhz DDRII 400Gb WD Sata
  14. Hi, Is GRAW2 hungrier than 1? On Graw1 I'm getting 35 - 45 fps (mostly around 38) Settings: 1280 x 1024 res Refresh 75 Fullscreen No AA All high except texture quality @ medium Spec. Asus K8V SE AMD 64 3200 2Ghz 1 Gb ram ATI 1950Pro 512 SB Live 5.1 Plat XP Prof SP2 DX 9.0c
  15. Mmm, understand. You're just gonna have to be mega helpful around the house to convince your dad your worth the extra bucks!
  16. Hi, It's an interesting double edged thread. High end computer gaming versus learning the value of money! It's not cheap to stay at the cutting edge of PC gaming and the industry is led by the drive to make gaming realistic and it's getting pretty close! Like any new technology, you pay through the nose for the latest and greatest. GRAW and now GRAW2 are prime examples. I've not seen GRAW on a top spec. system but the various trailers show what can be achieved. Crysis being a good example. Kids still at school will generally go for console 'run and gun' arcade stuff but if your
  17. Yeah, c'mon UBOSHAFT, give us a SP demo. especially since we now have to wait another 2.5 weeks. My guys in GRAW1 are getting tired I've played it so many times over and over.
  18. Allo, I was experiencing a crash back to desktop after the flash and black screens. Looked through forum for answers, tried re-installs of both game and patch 1.35, re-installed graphics drivers, deleted WinXP update KB917422 etc. Nothing worked. Then I cleaned out and re-installed my sound drivers GRAW loaded and runs fine. Reason I had this problem in the first place was because I've just replaced a Radeon 9800PRO with a X1950PRO because somebody posted here that they had same spec as me but with a 1950 and it was running butter smooth on top settings. SO IS MINE....fantastic!!!
  19. Hi, I'm not new to GRAW but have never played online so, keen to play this demo I created an account and tried to logon but the server wouldn't accept me!! AND it doesn't tell me why Excuse my ignorance but what are the likely reasons for this? tecmic
  20. Hi, Excuse me if I've missed a relevant post, there's a lot of it! I'm a single player and not especially familiar with how multiplayer works. I've just finished the 'campaign' for the second time and several things stick in my mind. The guys I lead are not particularly good in carrying out specific instructions! If you recon ahead too far before issuing moves, they often take a more dangerous route than yours and get into trouble. They can also get 'stuck' in tight locations and cannot execute your move instruction at all! You then have to go back and literally 'babysit' them out
  21. Hi, Also! Lost xcom! Removed the Scar_68spc mod and xcom works again? Mike.
  22. Hi, I'll try again! (perhaps nobody else has had this?) Got to the construction site barricade in Quarterback. I can send my guys through but I get told I'm 'out of mission area' and the mission shuts down if I keep going!!! Taken 1.30 out but no difference. Any ideas? Mike.
  23. Hi, Getting some weird stuff happening since I applied 1.30! Now, in Quarterback, got to the construction site barricade. I can send the guys through but if I go through I get the warning that I'm moving out of the mission area! The mission shuts down if I keep going! What's going on, something else I've missed in the 1.30 patch or what?? Mike.
  24. Thanks Dannick, Found it! Don't remember it being like that pre 1.30 update! I agree, you'd think they'd at least put some sort of label on the third box! Mike BTW just a feeling but anyone think the missions are just a bit more difficult after the 1.30 patch?
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