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  1. Apparently there's a device (XFPS) that allows you to map practically all the controller inputs to keyboard and mouse input. Anyone got any experience of this and how good it is? Looks like a cable connection so any ideas on how to use it with a wireless k/b and mouse would be welcome. Mike.
  2. Ok, I stand corrected. I'll admit that I'm not that familiar with all of the Geforce range but I would certainly add more RAM. I increased my RAM BEFORE I got GRAW2 as it was one of the problems identified in the early days. As NoQuarter points out, GRAW2 is highly graphics intensive and the 'TurboCache theory' sounds like a candidate to me.
  3. Hi, As it runs for 15 minutes it appears there's not a problem with cpu or graphics card? I would add at least another 500 Mb ram, better still as it's cheap, another 1 Gb ram minimum, in any case. The GeForce7300 Gt is a bit low down the graphics league! You could pick up a previous generation, high end graphics card, relatively cheap now. Something I would seriously consider doing as it it can only improve things. I run on a 2Gb Athlon but with 1.5 Gb ram and an ATI Radeon X1950 Pro and it copes with GRAW2 more than adequately! [Edit: Post fixed (you had typed your reply in
  4. If I have more time...yeah for sure I will try again to solves issues that was blocking me to going further with original sp campaign(not remake)...the major issue that I have was that the friendly team won't obey orders cause the white circle won't appears on map...the only order that they obey is 'fallow'... So for now I have no issues with mp 12 players coop...and I'm on the roll ... Hello GRIN, Wolfie, Arch Angel Gabriel, help this man out with his problem, will yuh? " Help us Grinkanobi, you're our only hope" Thanks in anticipation, Mike.
  5. Hi, Anything for us SP players? anything? Please, anything? Mike.
  6. I completely agree! In the cold light of day GRAW2 stands head and shoulders above any other game of its type. It's realistic (no cartoon like antics or super human abilities) It's demanding and can be unforgiving. (you need to think about what you're doing if you don't want your head blown off) It feels real. (most games in the genre do not convey the sense of reality that I've got from all the GR games. The only other one, IMHO, that came close was Hidden & Dangerous) It's well made (the pace is right, effects are not overdone. The only downside I can see is that t
  7. Hi, I've lost count of how many times I've played through my favourite missions. (Farallon and Last Stand) It's probably been discussed and lies deep in some past topic but forgive me for raising it again. Why is it that there's practically no add-on SP missions for GRAW2? GR kept me going for several years due to the healthy supply of mods/missions, official and unofficial. Is GRAW2 too difficult to mod? I guess there wasn't a console version when GR came out, hence the concentration of effort on the PC game at the time. If I had the know how I'd produce one. Just how soft
  8. Hi charliebrownau, Thanks for the vote of confidence but I can't believe we are alone in this thinking. Staying with the original theme of this thread In the month since posting I've bought/downloaded several other genres, namely driving and skiing. One of the driving games (Grand Turismo HD concept) has jaw dropping photorealistic graphics. Many say they put gameplay before graphics but, for me, good graphics are as important as good gameplay and in some genres, more important! (Flight simulation for example) Unfortunately, like the other PS3 games, its controlled by the Sixaxis ga
  9. Hi Kleaneasy, Apart from the fact that I don't give a 'monkeys' what Sony might think, we're into semantics, let's agree to differ? Regarding feedback. I've no experience of Xbox nor am am I interested. As I said, this purchase was primarily for a BLURAY player as Warner appear to have begun the demolishion of Toshiba's HD format with their announce to withdraw support. Trigger happy 'Run and Gunners' may prefer the Xbox for GRAW and comprise the majority but for realistic/tactical military gaming GRAW on the PC is tops. I still dislike the controller interface intensely but
  10. Hi Kleaneasy, I know the PS3 contains a Blu Ray format DVD player. That's why I bought it !! This is a common confusion! The format that Toshiba developed has the same initials as the general abbreviation for High Definition eg. HD Both HD and Blu Ray format systems produce High Definition (HD) output therefore are HD players. Either way it's disappointing from a gaming point of view. Mike.
  11. Hi, All my GR play, from the first GR to GRAW2, has been on PC. I've just bought a PS3! This was not for gaming but because it contains a very good HD DVD player and it's proved to be a good buy. It loads/initates DVD contents much faster than other dedicated players and produces a top notch picture into the bargin. It's also internet connectable and can be updated. Not to waste the gaming possibilities I bought, among others, GRAW2 for the PS3. Graphics are good but the control interface is a nightmare!!!! In some cases you have to depress THREE buttons/triggers simultaneousl
  12. Know what you mean Tinker. Although nicely done I always thought the opening scene in GRAW1 showed just how not to conduct urban warfare! A tight little group moving down the CENTRE of the street, just asking for someone to lob a RPG at them. They might as well wear bullseye targets!!! Mike.
  13. Maybe that's the real problem. Just giving you a hard time. My personal opinion is that I don't feel the game has been dumbed down at all. If you try to blaze through the missions in GRAW2, chances are you're going to be taken out pretty quickly by a mounted gun or a very accurate sniper. I can't get through a lot of the later missions unless I use a fair amount of stealth. I don't know. I just don't ever play ghost recon anymore because I like the better graphics, weapons, sounds, and feel of this game. Hi Dporter, I totally agree with your conclusion, it's some of the
  14. Not so much an old ghosty, more a will o the wisp, I'd say. Cangaroo, This spawning business keeps cropping up. I don't play MP so it makes no difference to to me but shouldn't there be a finite limit so it doesn't get too far from reality? If you get shot, you're shot, just like real life. It's where you're shot that makes the difference and whether you can carry on or not, innit it? Or is that asking too much of a computer game? Mike.
  15. Judging by your avatar you're as old as me (My outfit used to wear Putties!!!) Nah, I'm not that old, haven't booked a Zimmer frame yet Yeah! I know what you're saying. Although I'm not as wound up as some about it, I do see how GRAW gameplay is being dumbed down for the young Oh bloody hell, spect i'll get flack now But I like the presentation. Part of the trouble is most films they see now are about how many explosions you can cause in the shortest time, it doesn't occur to them to use stealth (their brains). Mike.
  16. Hi Rabbi, I can certainly sympathise with the frustration that, watching a publisher ruin something you liked, produces. I saw it in another game I used to like. On the other hand, I'm not sure 'half assed' is an accurate description of a successful computer games publisher like UBI!! We might not like what they do but they are a big player. It's been said many times, PC games are no longer 'king'. If you were UBI's CEO I'm sure you would not be particularly interested in some 'half assed' pc gamer who doesn't like what you're doing to his favourite game. What the hell, pc gaming is
  17. Hi Kretzj, I understand what you're saying but your analogy isn't appropriate! Committing to buy a car before you've seen it is light years away from pre-buying a £30 ($50) computer game. I can't work up sweat about spending £30 on a bad computer game like some here on this forum. Ce la vi, you win some, you loose some. Having said that I don't often buy unless there's been a demo to try first, in any case, it can always be improved but I like GRAW2, just wish there were more missions. Maybe soon? The general opinion on this forum has been that UBI called the shots. To suggest
  18. How about......... D'ya think GRIN would take on the challenge if there were sufficient numbers of guaranteed purchasers, (the mechanics of that would need some thought) to create the next GRAW, based on what customers wanted? I mean you couldn't get better than a customer specified game, could you? Anyone know what the guaranteed number of sales would have to be? How big is the dedicated GRAW following? I table this idea as a concept without knowing what the legal limitations might be and whether it's even legally feasible but it's an interesting thought, aye?
  19. It's difficult to appreciate why some who do not like GRAW/2, persist in posting on this GRAW2 FORUM about how bad they feel! You would have thought they might have migrated to another game forum somewhere and not wasted their time here, wouldn't you? Mike.
  20. Ok Chaos..., where do I start? I suspect you wouldn't say no to them either! How about some urban warfare in Boston? Maybe sink a tea clipper or two? Seriously, If I knew how, I would. Mike.
  21. A little too obtuse for you, was it? Sorry, just trying to put minor detail into perspective! If I were Grin's CEO I would be smiling at the proliferation of pre-emptive guesswork that goes on in this forum. Don't get me wrong! In that position I would also be impressed by the amount of passion this computer game engenders. Whilst we're on the subject, how much more 'patching', large or small, would you expect to see coming out of GRIN? From my simple perspective it runs beautifully but then I don't play MP but I would very much appreciate some more missions, GRIN? Modders? Anyone?
  22. Hi, While I totally agree that GRAW2 is among the leaders of this genre I wouldn't want to be still playing it, as is, in a years time. If the model doesn't evolve it means it's stagnant and that's not good for anyone. As I've commented elsewhere, I'd like to see a really lifelike AI and video quality graphics, both of which I suspect will happen. I totally agree with the poster who posted to the effect that, we've currently been handed a 'hero syndrome', Mitchell! It's not realistic to abandon a mission because one member is lost. It should be possible to delegate leadership to on
  23. Good morning again! It's where the discussion took us. Personally, I sometimes become frustrated with the lack of flexibility permitted on forum threads. The wider picture is integral to most debates/discussions. Anyway, why do we play GRAW? Cos we like it Now, about climate change! Mike.
  24. Yeah! We walk a thin line between democracy and anarchy.
  25. I don't mind digressing. This is a big subject with many facets, all of which have a link of some description, back to the core issue. I appreciated there were variations between states concerning how laws are enforced but I didn't realise that you too can be sued by a burglar or whoever! It's a ridiculous contradiction and sends exactly the wrong signals to would-be law breakers. The police perform their responsibilities by consent of the public but no civil police force can successfully enforce law without the support of that public. Not only should we be thankful to them but should
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