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  1. I sympathise, but I haven't locked horns with DRM as I play only single player. What does worry me is whether or not I'll be able to get GRFS to run reasonably on my Laptop! It's an acer Aspire 6530 and has a good spec. It runs GRAW2 ok, if I reduce graphics settings. Other option is iPad3! which I pick up on Monday. It's A5X dual core processor enhances graphics processing and Apple's blurb shows it running games, but I suspect GRFS is not compatible...anybody know for sure?
  2. The trailer makes it look so realistic..I like it and if the game looks as good, it's a sale. Just one more thing...I know many of you 'hardcore' bodies don't favour the Kinect aspect. Well, there's others that do except that, to apply it to weapons selection only is a big let-down. I can't imagine it's beyond UBI's coders to integrate it as a switchable option, in the game proper. There's surely no lack of opportunity...Head movements, weapons handling, voice command etc. It would make it more attractive to wider audience and put out front of anything else in the market right now. Evenso, if it plays as well as the original on PC, I'll be happy.
  3. So finally we're getting a new GR and it looks spectacular! On PC, too! I'll probably buy that...but the Kinect involvement is so disappointing. Is it really beyond the wit of the software coders to integrate it into the game action as a switchable option? There's no lack of applications...head movements, weapon control, voice command. Or maybe there are other software hurdles to overcome, but Kinect has been available to developers for a long time now! Perhaps there's a political agenda that determines the game's content? Whatever the reason, it's a missed opportunity to make GRFS attractive to a much wider audience and would put GRFS out in front of everything else. The rate at which Kinect is being develop is quite pathetic and the children's games that Microsoft seem to be obsessed with, are just trivialising what could be a major upgrade to the serious games interface.
  4. Thanks Pave Low. I'm living in hopes I accept, but there's no way I can play GRAW with a console controller. (Yes, I have tried it) There are postings that suggest UBI are producing a PC version but this is all de javu...we've been through this loop with UBI before! Profit is first, understandably maybe but the PC fanbase can't be that insignificant and helped make UBI what it is. Is there no consideration? No PC version = No sale, with me anyway.
  5. Haven't been on the forum for a while so apologise if this subject has been covered. For domestic reasons my desktop has gone and I'm left with an Acer Aspire 6530. Graphically, this is reasonably capable for all normal stuff but struggles a bit with GRAW2. I've trolled the net for a laptop with more grunt but it's not the same as actually trying them with GRAW. Can anyone recommend one capable of running GRAW (GRFS) in an acceptable fashion? I don't mind if I have to compromise a tad on settings...not too much though!
  6. If it's in Gunsmith what's the problem with including it in the game proper? Mmm...what I'm forgetting is the platform integration! Kinect is an XBOX accessory (in case you didn't know) I'm a diehard keyboard/mouse man. (In my wildest dreams I couldn't have designed a less intuitive human interface with a computer than the console controller...I hate them) I've always got on pretty well with:- (left hand) keyboard direction arrows and Shift for movement) Various keys for all other secondary controls. (right hand) Logitech MX Laser mouse for fire/reload/scope/weapons select/ viewpoint and direction of travel. These are the primary controls, used continuously, there are others on the mouse. Naturally, if flying then it's a joystick. (look in any Airbus cockpit) Airbus didn't choose a console controller to fly their aircraft...surprise, surprise! It's a totally innapropriate interface, so why are we given no choice in many computer games/simulations? Even driving is more appropriate with a joystick rather than a console controller. Anyway, there's a problem! Imagine trying to stay alive in GRAW with both an XBOX controller and Kinect hand gestures...the controller is a two handed device! Maybe this is why we won't see a wider Kinect implementation in March 2012 and maybe for some while after that?
  7. I really do hope so. I'm not a programmer but I would have thought they will have had ample time to implement a little more than just weapons selection!
  8. I've been a GR follower since the beginning because it's been the leader in military sims IMHO. Unlike many, I don't believe it's lost it's way with the appearance of GRAW and GRAW2. They were natural evolutions of the original employing new technology, especially graphics! Whether you agree or not, Kinect is the next major evolution in gaming and if employed thoughtfully, will enhance GR to a new level. I'm sincerely hoping that the 'Gunsmith' component in the March 2012 version is not the only Kinect element in the release! There is so much more it could do, eg: hand signals to the rest of the squad; with enhanced camera resolution...the possibility of 'trigger finger' capability; throwing grenades; opening doors; handling objects; using tools; driving; opening maps; making phone calls; etc. etc. etc. Ok...so maybe these might appear later but at least, let's have weapons control, in the game proper in the March release! Looking ahead, how would it be to have the ability to issue voice commands to Squad member by name? Spectacular but not fanciful I suspect.
  9. Hi, Sorry if this is 'old hat' but I've not been on the boards for a while. I've just downloaded the original Sanchez missions, FANTASTIC! love em! thank you for breathing new life into GRAW2. Even more realistic, I suggest, if not a little excessive at times but great fun. Not being ungrateful but I miss the 'extras', eg. the guys at your back via the Com, (although they wouldn't last 5 secs in this intense action) Air Support, choice of weapons and backpack etc. Never mind, this is challenging. One other comment, shame the saves are so far between but the respawns are fast. Mike.
  10. Hi, I too was eager to try this GRAW off-shoot but was severely disappointed. The opening graphics are impressive but otherwise, it's a shallow, poorly executed attempt at GRAW's air support. In flight sim terms it's nowhere. Mike.
  11. Hi, Some interesting responses for sure, but the foundation problem is with the target market! GRAW2 for PC, although dumbed down, maybe, is not the primary income market! That's consoles, yes! I did say (Con)soles. Even though PC inputs (k/board & mouse) provide far superior and precise control for practically all game genres, the console is the publisher's target market. The wider 'target' market are arcade gamers, who require no depth, no tactics, no difficulty! UBI and any of the others, make decisions based upon where the biggest profits will come from. Quality of game distils down to how good the graphics are and these are what they sell in their advertising. We shouldn't be surprised to watch them neglect what we consider to be true gaming software for what they consider to be profitable.
  12. Hi, Graw2 doesn't seem to like Graphics management software, although this killed Graw on my system. Try just loading the graphics drivers, without any 'management' software, if that's what it's doing. Also, make sure there's plenty of free space on your HDD and it's defragmented regularly. Finally, check that your system's 2Gb of ram isn't being eroded by programs reserving space in memory when Windows loads. (click START, then RUN, then type msconfig in the window. This will load a 'management' window. On the line of tabs at the top click START. This will load a window showing all the applications that get loaded into memory when Windows loads. The vast majority are NOT needed but be careful about deleting the first 3 or 4! These can be important Windows system utilities. Prevent them from loading by unticking the box down the left side.
  13. Bonjourno Pier, I would look for general reasons for a slow down! It's probably not GRAW causing it !! Have you changed anything on your PC or in GRAW's settings? Is your PC slow to run anything else? Try re-installing the sound driver!! (this can have a major effect on GRAW) I assume that nothing is running in background (a virus scan or similar) Re-instal mouse driver. How much memory do you have? (minimum 1.5Gb is recommended) How much spare hard drive is available for GRAW to run in? Mike.
  14. Guess you'd be happy about that then no interuption to GRAW'ing. Guess you'd be happy about that then no interuption to GRAW'ing. Only problem is, now that I'm back online, I'm still playing the same old missions!!! As good as they are they do become monotonous. Guess it's been way too long now for there still to be any possibility of some add-ons? (Single player) Mike.
  15. Hi, Yup, that did it. Many thanks Davros. Mike.
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