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  1. Yeah my connection is great . I have 50 down 15 up . I have never had a problem with it .
  2. Yes they are all empty. It says I have no saved games or anything even though my stats on the overlay screen show I have played for HOURS. An all my stats are there just no loaded game.
  3. Yes sir. Just standard installation I haven't changed anything around at all . I just installed the game and played fine launch night then played the next day and then I logged off and I guess it didn't save even though I can see saved game data from 3/7/17. When was release and later in the afternoon is the time stamp on the saved data . It's just really upsetting . You're so excited for a game but it doesn't save. Or does save and it doesn't seem to load
  4. The game was working fine I played midnight launch for a few hours everything saved fine I come back and play the next day for like 8 hours. I log off and come back all my saved data is gone . But the saved data I can see it in my disc drive where I saved it . But when I started a new game. I played for like 3 hours got pretty far again . An logged out to test it . An it didn't save at all again . I don't know what to do . Kinda upset I spent 69.99 on this game because it was amazing! An I really want to play it . But with this i cannot even play the game. Please help if anyone else has had this problem . I change my saving area but still doesn't work
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