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  1. I found that the more you play the game the better you know the maps. This makes it easier to find the enemy and should make you live longer in MP. Just keep playing it.
  2. Stop whining Why don't some of you Americans go to North Carolina, stalk a developer and ask him . Better still bnag on Ubi's San Fransisco office and demand an answer
  3. If Thatcher had insisted that Reagan provide direct military support during the Falklands war, you know because America are our allies , think how different the outcome would have been. Come to think of it, what would have happened if Reagan had asked for permission to use Britain as a base to bomb Libya!!!
  4. I never got around to watching it as I'm not really into survival type stuff. I did see the Kirk Douglas film ages ago, which I suppose is glossed over. I didn't know much about the British side of things and it sounds interesting. Looks like I'll be doing some surfing
  5. I would like to be able to see what weapons the players have in MP prior to a game starting. Or can you do that already?
  6. Hello Boys Clan eh?..........ahhhhh......if only I had the time. See you soon
  7. Activision have updated the official CoD website; www.callofduty.com There's some nice new screenshots. The British Paras look great
  8. @ Dick In your observations and experiences about the US Dick, you forgot to mention the quality of their domestic beer. It's pss poor As you know us Brits get ripped off in the pubs when asked to pay an equivalent of up to $5 for a bottle of 'Crud'. You can't beat good old British beer. You know, the stuff we import from Germany
  9. Thanks cheesy. It looks like a blue version of this
  10. I've just bought Raven Shield and I see I need to 'Patch up'. Do I need to install them in sequence or do patches include all the fixes of previous patches?
  11. I've just bought Raven Shield and I want to get involved with the community like I am with GR.net. Which are the best websites?
  12. I've been looking at that and the Antec Plus AMG1080. There's a big difference in weight for one thing, and the power supply is smaller too. But, the Lanboy does look nicer. If I did upgrade I would go for LED lights, because it looks the dog's ######.
  13. I checked it out SOTO and it shows 'No Conflicts' Should I go the BIOS route as stated by Crimson?
  14. As my PC starts up I noticed an error message appears in the DOS screen for a few seconds; "error SB IRQ conflincting with PC IRQ" "Creative SB16 Emulation drive NOT responding" How can I resolve it? I'm using 98SE.
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